Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Ever So Conflicting Ideology About My Ever So Beautiful Nike Shoes Comments

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I know,
Yes, I clearly do Know,
that this Nike came from the sweatshops,
of New Delhi or Taiwan,


Lou Embalsado
angelianne 1012 16 July 2008

nice! ! ! ...keep up the good work kabayan! ! ! ...

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Estrella Baldemosa 09 July 2008

This makes me wanna read again the works of Renato Constantino. here's some excerpts: 'It is a growing disparity between identity and consciousness that has been responsible for the ambiguity of our people's behaviour, for us the east-west ambivalence, and for his marginal participation in the historic struggles of other colonial peoples.... ....now a confused people who in their pathetic search for identity look to an idealized indigenous past and to the culture of their colonial forbears and who in their desire to solve the problems of the present, dream of a future anchored on western concept and values'....cge kabayan ingat! sulat ka pa!

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