Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*******my Hiding Place Comments

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When I'm sad and no one's around,
My feet are drawn to you and I bow down.
You always calm my aching heart,
Whispering to me, you'll never part.


Meggie Gultiano
Marvin Brato 08 October 2013

Very inspirational sentiments, your poems quite profound and in depth!

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Roseann Shawiak 23 September 2013

You made me strong so I wouldn't break - I just recently realized this myself after all I've been through in the last 4 months - my faith brought me through - I bent but didn't break. This line touched me profoundly, thank you for sharing.

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Anie Vans 25 April 2011

'My sins to you, I will confess. ...you're my refuge and my hiding place.' Says it all for me. As always, so heartfelt. Thanks.

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Kesav Easwaran 30 August 2010

'When I was weak and turned to you, You picked me up, you saw me through'... That's how the good Faith gets its reward...good poem...10

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Ken E Hall 15 July 2010

He will stand by you what you say he knows its from your heart...like your poem++++10 regards

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James Lagoski 13 July 2010

Dear Meggie~ As we pray during our our stay and play the roles we have been chosen to portray You were always there Just Waiting for That Day... I really liked the way these words just seemed to roll out of me after reading this! That always tells me it was a good piece of writing- Best Wishes to You and Yours~ Peace~ James

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