My Lazy Exercising Mood Poem by Alexander Julian

My Lazy Exercising Mood

If you never repair the door, faith will go bad.
Communists do not have independent ownership.
Do not stain your video games.
It's energy under the moving quench.
Special occasions cause favorites.
Faith varies by residence.
The friendship is awning between religions.
A hair stylist is only necessary for a serious fashionista, not people.
Many More is bigger belly.
My Tupperware is greasy.
The vulgar lack abatement.
The odometer is a driving mechanic.
Never do shopping without elevation of honesty for survival.
Let poetry have the romantic gash of dispute.
Evil does not heal.
When food is late, appetite is rage.
Cordwood sucks fire like a rough heat.
Gamers are usually electric loaders of data.
Goggling for a videogame is an awkward glance.
Players have groundsense for TV.
My dog can have a hot meal that's better than "dog food" as such.
TV is broadcast, not overcast.
Most video game consoles are not flat.
Every woman gets the long stretch of activity.
A woman thinks of the next curve.
Apple is red with light, not pleasure.
Logically, atheists are not methodical; they just go crazy and mean.
Evil business will make an offer the poor can't refuse.
Abandon the broken controller or have proper repairs done.
The moon puts cheese down the drain.
With broken words, there's no grammar.
Sounds should not be the main source of grammar.
We can have "sounds" without language and/or without grammar.
Every lizard is soaking light over the rock.
My heart is unlocking the blood into a muscular pump of rhythm:

A door to remain,
When pushing into strong light.
Open gracias.

Lemons and limes are the same heart of fruit for many Mexicans.
History is not unlimited text with scramble of letters.
You can't read the scramble; you can only guess it by error.
A butterfly swims over the chuy.
The water is made of stone.
Togetherness hurts individualism.
Discounts fall below original price, and, perhaps, original quality.
A photocell will bring energy.
Faith comes in layers of essence upon determination.
A drab drink is only useful with negative attitude.
A deer is narrow to fixation of weeds.
A lapping cloud begins to vanish with partial gust.
Light is not just wattage.
Paperbacks are leafy messages.
Sweetness becomes odiferous.
Without prospect, your thoughts are meaningless.
Love should be somewhat platonic.
Every first ring disturbs silence.
If the "hero" in a picture is caricature, it's probably propaganda.
Sharp features make a lady cool to bite.
Knights go on bivouacking.
Irrepressible habit displays arrogance.
The gameplay is cumulative of specific electronics.
Loitering is a kind of trolling.
At times, old video games were related to microwave flashes.
The faithless are afraid of chuffing.
People slip into faith with error of light.
Videogames are usually not ethereal.
For ethereal content, you need weather over the source.
It's a drink up the face with soda.
I'm dyspeptic with mental disease.
A common restaurant worker asks, "Do you need a drink carrier? "
You call suggestion for a closing deal.
You can play with trash at a restaurant, especially if there's no waiter.
A little tough guy is well done for courage and temper.
Not every vehicle at the Car Wash is even a "car" you silly goose.
You'll also find vans and trucks.
Loitering goes beyond normal occupancy.
Business operates; family procrastinates.
My stomach burns with excessive heat and calms me down into cool temper.
It's the squirreling dough.
A million ways to do something is impossible knowledge.
Do you go to school for impossible knowledge?
New idea for old idea is still idea, no matter how old or new.
Donald Trump was tectonic and made opponents just as quakesome.
With good philosophy, you don't need to rethink.
I'm a style reporter for gaming.
A fast food business can be so fearless of giving you a heart attack.
Political change goes out of control when it's taken by population.
Who "is" everyone?
Feminism is not a mean look with ignorance of authority.
My dog does not work.
My dog survives because of my family, not because of her unemployment.
Play is not work.
You probably hear a coffee drinker say this,

"Caffeine has no effect on me."

This is a false belief.
When you take caffeine, there's always effect.
Caffeine is not a placebo.
Not every old idea is applicable today.
Sometimes, retro gamers believe that old games are better than new games.
That is, they believe Pac-Man is better than Call of Duty.
Habit is a growly method of consistency.
Disability is recuperating with scientific new ideas.
"Courting" is a bad word from abusive powers that be.
I'm coating metal with oil to abandon the rust of your knob.
Never let your marriage partner have too many different options.
You need sight for the word count or else there's no original vision.
If you don't know what the matter is, there's no deep logic.
Eternal life isn't exactly tactile.
Intelligence is not always dull; it can be very sharp and rough.
A book is never wordless.
Anticipatory belief of truth is vain.
I live in a gusting neighborhood.
The unfortunate make false reports of nutrition and digestion.
Fortification is necessary when recovering from any bad word.
Dramatic effects hurt the chance.
Dimness hurts confidence.
Some gamers are floppy; some gamers are piggy.
The Devil greets you with a warm smile.
However, the red hot servant would rip his mouth open to be polite.
Tea is not so delicate in my house.
Online gameplay is not companionable.
A spur of the moment is dark.
Be careful of dismissing privilege.
If you dismiss privilege, you can miss a great opportunity.
Without opportunity, there's no privilege.
With proper identification, you don't need to be a different person.
If a magazine is not flourishing, it's vulgar confusion for any reader.
Disagreeable politicians are constituting with battle fatigue.
Remember the following times of habit and routine.
You're going to say,

"Stop overthinking! "

Well, if you're ordinary, my grammar is better than your grammar.
So, no.
I will keep overthinking beyond any fool.
Politics is not "social" media.
Because, politics is not even "social" to begin with.
How can anybody be "social" with opponents?
Although politics is important, it's really anti-social, not social.
Of course a phrase like "anti-social media" would not sound good.
We do get professionals and experts of politics.
But, they argue, they criticize, they object, they dispute, and they fight.
That's not really "social" media.
Social media is more like,

"I'm out on a party with my friends for 4th of July Independence Day."

Politics is more like,

"A man convicted of felony was arrested today for possession."

Obviously, the 1st quote is social and the 2nd quote is anti-social.
The 1st quote fits "social media" as such.
The 2nd quote fits "scholastic achievement of journalism" as such.
Pixel patterns are important for retro 2D games.
A very bizarre design for a program doesn't run with the player.
Sock yarn is useful for the very bottom legs.
A ribbing sock is display of tenderfoot.
You must set up thought before having it.
A traditional lady may need her gusset around delicate features.
You can start cabling clothes, not just electronics.
An old-fashioned lady knows what a purl is.
When you tie your shoes, you must block the knot enough.
Or, the organization of strings will fall away to dividing shoestrings.
Women's knitted socks would easily fall apart for a man's boots like mine.
Every athlete does push the clogs over the energy and power.
Clothes may have a tail with glittering ends.
The energy drink I'm holding right now lets me be a sassy man.
Alternating between colors helps make a video game more playable.
A programmer needs to increase or decrease rounds when there's a goal.
Trying to beat a really hardcore game is like creating a sweater.
Would you start creating a sweater without instructions and teachers?
Politicians argue about imaginary friends with generalizations.
You cannot really use imaginary friends for real politics.
Imaginary friends are not people; really, they're not anybody!
You can't just invent goodness on your own.
Earth is never moonless.
The moon just changes as a source of reflecting light.
The dark moon is still a moon.
The Bible today is a rewritten expiration.
Videogames are countercultural.
You don't need American freedom to drink Coca-Cola.
Friendly service is depleting against my wisdom.
Wheelchair owners have a footpath with rotational ergonomics.
A religion will lead to complicated relationship through the years.
Divisions of sight cause blind focus.
The flesh is both depressive and permissive.
It's a fearsome beauty with tender.
Good health can spark fear in those who don't have it.
Countless math is bad for the economy.
For real math skills, you need to learn how to count and actually count!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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