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My Storybook Life - Poem by marcie yosh

As I lay here waiting for my prince charming to come and awake me with a kiss of love
All I can do is lie here and dream
Dream of who he’ll be and if he’ll be the one I need
Will he be there for me till the end of time
Is he the one that won’t make me cry

His eyes, pools of dark brown filled with mystery
His smile as beautiful as perfection
Skin color won’t matter with
Lips soft as a pillow when touched upon me
This is what I imagine him to be

I can feel the seasons changing
And the years passing by
Is my prince charming going to come before I die
I wonder, how many guys have come and tried to awake me
With their kisses of love, but sadly not matching mine

Then suddenly, I see fireworks
Colors of red, green, yellow, blue and gold
Against the black skies with shining stars that I now know will never grow old
But how can this be
I’ve never seen anything except the inside of my own home

It happened… my kiss of love that awoke me from my deep sleep
Now I’m able to see my prince charming that saved me
As I’m slowly opening my eyes I have butterflies
My heart is pounding like never before
Who is this guy that has my love

As my eyes are open all I see is just a regular guy
No-one special like I have dreamed
I had my hopes up and was let down
All these years that I was forced to wait by a crazy spell
Was wasted

But now me and him are forced to rule the kingdom together
It feels like he’s the only one trying to make this relationship work
He’s the only one loving
While I’m just sulking about how my life could be
Now I’m just confused… if he’s the one for me and were meant to be, why aren’t I happy

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 29, 2008

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