Mystic Fragrance Poem by Mohammad Younus

Mystic Fragrance


Shadow is always linked to a body
River is always joined to its fount
Ripples are always part of the river
Day is always tailed to night
In the same way I am with God
Why then meditations and night vigils?
Will these lift my misty veil!
Why do I labour to go into trance
Stupid! Wakefulness is better than trance
Dawn is more beautiful than sunset
Knowledge is better than ignorance
Know your true nature, your true self
You have an aura of light around you
Feel and see light upon light around you
Know you are this glowing light
You are the living music
That reverberates without stop
Singing in golden beats day and night
Filling space and time with radiant light
Your mystical identity, your true self
Meditate upon your essential self
Keep day and night vigil
Gazing at your own light
Listening to your own sound -
The voiceless mystical song,
That permeates your being
As water permeates the earthen pot
You shall feel the fathomless bliss,
With the zeal of angelic love
Your body of water and clay
Is but your mistaken identity
That keeps you busy with idle play
My soul experiences this mystical state
Feels light and glows with joy
Sprinkles mystic fragrance around
That fills this vast expansive world
At the spring's arrival all hearts in unison sing
I am Adam the peerless one -
The chosen viceroy of the lord,
Endowed with gifts rare,
It was His will that I should be,
Adored by the angels high,
Reason like a windless bird,
Cannot reach the Àrash of soul,
Love alone can touch the pedestals of God
Mystical flight is absolutely beyond,
The ambit of hopping hummingbird
There is nothing it can do,
God has willed it to fly low,
He honours whom He wills,
He humbles whom He wills.


Mystic Fragrance
Saturday, November 23, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: mystical
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