T Wignesan

Naked Death - Poem by T Wignesan

Naked death

…the barred and sealed cattle wagons
at the Konzentrazionslager
the faux pas relief
from urine mud faeces sweat and tears
unkempt armpits buttocks best wear
turned to damp rags
reduced to moaning cattle
even the heifer wan straggly limp

Alles! Raus!

…the last quick dab of face powder
the lipstick dried blood tan
the felt hat lying soggy stained
through bellowed haste
on the mudcaked barrack floor
the wampumpeag plucked by the helmeted claw
stabbing on sole-cold cutting cement platform
averting glances on sapped sagging busts
shoulders hunched buckled in
fingers reaching to scratch loins
nostrils quivering
whose the naughty stench

then the trooped Indian file
stray belongings dumped
in a wasteproduct pile
the once highheeled gait
slumping to a side
from the hips down to a jaggedknee limp
prodding the miasmal mist
the exposed varicose veins
the knotty pubis
the mons veneris
the intimate warts and moles
last year's Ceasarian stitches
the rump twitched less

the lack lustre sentry gazes
the unmasked leer
the disdainful pursed lips

neither shame nor pudeur

and then the last gangway to nowhere
the Ave-Maria road to Himmelweg

a reprieve

From the privately pub. coll. (re-worked 2016) : longhand notes (a binding of poems) ,1999,115p.
© T. Wignesan - Paris, 1999/2016

Topic(s) of this poem: elegy

Form: Dirge

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