gordon nosworthy

Naked Shimshon - Poem by gordon nosworthy

(in response to a comment overheard)

shimshon moved about the jungle
slinked through the undergrowth of noise
strode through what lay along the floor
brushed aside what hung from the air
waded in the noise of the rivers and streams
braced for the unseen noise about to leap
noise everywhere
especially even in his heart

stop moving
through the noise a glimpse
something beautiful
noise of a different kind
a not negative noise
a noise that is striking
the attractive noise of a red lion
charming the flesh
of a gazelle's bones
or the riveting noise
of all the beautiful hypocrites
boasting of their greatness
while thrusting rapiers into your backs

hold on stop moving
said the lion i hear the tragic noise
of feeling sorry for yourself
it sweeps across the open jungle
across the bogs and brains
across the marshlands were wild things roam
that sorryness is the sorryness
of finding disappointment in what you cannot undo
listen to those wilful leaves twist and twirl
in the self made autumn
why is that less triumphant than the roar
why is that to be shamed
more than the knife than plunges
more than the pain of others
more than the subjugation of the weak
more than the bombs
that blow up the world

hold on stop moving
these are all things that exist
in the world and probably out of it
they hold as much to the key of existence
as that brave soul
standing broken sword raised
atop a mound of vanquished vacant skulls
twisted and broken bones
not once admitting
the mouse
in all things that exist
is as mighty as the sword

Topic(s) of this poem: love and life

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 24, 2016

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