Mustapha Depravity

Nephilim Aria - Poem by Mustapha Depravity

1st Canto: Ut pravitas nos esculentus

Unfurled were the seraphic wings that led us into temptation
Lust came to thee as it came to me
Yearn for the thy mortals we did and for it we are downtrodden
Banishment to all our brethren hath come…Grigori

Descended like a bolt of lightning from the gates of heaven
Shemyaza forsaken his legacy, his infamous rebellion
The orgy of sacrilege
This is the genesis of their infernal dirge
His pride led to anguish
His libido became his backbone
The dawn cried out a vista
For thy credo is now forlorn

Love’s malady….an ambrosial poison
Death’s heraldry….eternally foregone

2nd Canto: Cado angelus est prognatus

Now the maiden’s chastity is defiled by the legion’s seed
Something malevolent in their bellies now seem to breathe
Dark fuckers dark fuckers
From whence they swore that oath
From then they portrayed loathe

Their eyes displayed an oblivious vista
Majestic beauty that would fail hearts
Intoxicated with fornication

From Mount Hermon to earthly brothels
Celestials to heretics
They defied the laws of nature
And filled their minds with rapture
As they came to, they dethroned

They Dove into Tartarus
Residing in their hellish sanctuary
For the sins of their forefathers

3rd Canto: profugus ut nusquam

All but mercy was given to these infernal beings
Malignant in thought, they chose the heathens coiled underneath their thrones
Once a servant upon god’s throne
Now nothing more than a banished beast
Dwelling on the edge of oblivion
Drunken with lust, their creed and beliefs cast aside to endure the mortals as lovers
Eternally trapped in their Gehenna
Eternally screwed over!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 9, 2010

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