Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Never Grow Old Comments

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Never grow old, kid, never change.
Years from now we’ll revisit you
In thoughts and dreams; we love
You for your smile, your spring,


Jonzo Bandwagoner
R. S. Farris 31 January 2007

Couldn't not comment on this one, but I'm not sure what to say because you pretty much said it. Though I will say that the idea of cheating in heaven is highly scandalous. I'm shocked! ! Good job at expressing this one.

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Landrey 30 January 2007

So powerful even though i don't know the kid. You enable the reader to visuallize SOO much of your passion that the poem affects the reader dispite the physical gap. One of your most intimate and FULL poems, you've really expressed the beautiful characteristic of Christlike love. I can see it in your life. -landrey

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