New Year Old Clothes Patch Poem by Bulent Karaalioglu

New Year Old Clothes Patch

We repaired and patched the thousand year old dress.
Feast of man's collective amnesia
We forgot that we were getting a little poorer.
We forgot the musician who wrote work and food on his hand and committed suicide.
We forgot to be unemployed.

We sharpened our knives on sandpaper.
In popcorn and fruit cakes,
We patched the oldest dress.

We sharpened our knives on sandpaper.
In popcorn and fruit cakes,
We patched the oldest dress.

While the world waits for Santa in the chimneys,
Covid-19 knocked on our door.
Happy new year, happy millions
Old damaged years, we patched the old dress. Their glasses remained empty.

As the earth revolves around the sun.
Long months into long hours,
It's like a bing bang in a second as long hours turn into very long seconds
Our universe has expanded.

Another year, our dreams were shattered.
One more year, our dreams will rise from the ashes. The songs will get better as it snows. (No profit like a minute irony.)

Cities and apartments are the same
Your neighbors are the same neighbors
The dummies will remain the same.
But collectively we will be amnesic

Forget about wars and poverty
Troubles will be buried in plates and songs
The lights will shine on the sad trees
In the world of love
We will remain ourselves.
Refreshed by putting flowers on old clothes
White blooming roses.
To forget..

Spanish flu,
Wars, mass deaths.
How old are we?
Big dreams for our little lives
A new dare a new patch
We found fire and wheels.

The world lifted its borders for a moment
Regardless of religion, race, color, country
Like one heart.
In the contradictions of man, in his mind, in his conscience
a better person a better year
We were hopeful with what we had.

There are no people we love taken from us.
Years and memories taken from us
In the museum of years and memories,
long lost in memory museum

The director, lost in his own museum, tells you
Life is what it feels like.

The fields are quiet.
Every year it's like a country wedding,
We made new clothes from old clothes.
Tables dance, children, people, one heart..
The music rose to the trees to the sky.
May the birds and gazelles in the field be with us.
Noise and uproar
The dance is over. The old year is gone.

As the old year's lights fade
The phoenix burned. From the ashes the new year was born. The first day after so many noisy years is quiet as a country
When to start in reverse
seconds to minutes minutes to hours
As hours turn into months, caterpillars turn into silkworms
What about us humans..?

We humans foresight,
If only we could foresee
Us lying on clean sheets with our muddy shoes on. In the night of the old year
Hold on to babies born in the new year
Happy birthday..
sky for everyone
31 December 2020

New Year Old Clothes Patch
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