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Nirvana - Poem by nighttime daydreamer

nirvana is all feelings
balled into one
you chose to go out
at the tip of the gun
pressed to the temple
and tug on the trigger
makes you feel better
life keeps growing bigger
youd rather flicker out
than slowly fade away
contradicting yourself
you walking cliche
sometimes the answer
lies in the middle
life is a gift
wrapped up in a riddle
chorus stays the same
you must change the verse
i know its a challenge
that some call a curse
not for the faint
of heart to achieve
running in circles
trying to believe
the best is still out there
probably a lie
your choice to go on
or lay down and die
no one can stop you
if thats your mindset
but i still believe
the best will come yet
i know it to well
when heaven turns to hell
if you aim higher
your shot may not kill
living in nirvana
is just a state of mind
you wish to overcome it
only by the bye
so dont let it take you
down the road
left to ruin
if you ask me
the topic is stupid
to feel so unwanted
like no one would miss
if you were all gone
all leading to this
Bang Bang
shit, still alive
couldnt quite do it
pointless to try
its all in your head man
just get a grip
tomarrow is better
with a stiff upper lip
gain new perspective
open your eyes
evidence all around you
to suceeed is a trail
stop living in denial
such negativity
leading to self murder
nirvana got to me
overrun with emotion
head on like a train
put down the gun dude
dont go out to the tune
of a BANG!

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