No Dream Without You - Poem by Giggy HIKIT

Periodically my mind will wander and your face will surface to my subconscious thoughts.
From time to time my dreams are filled with the unnerving thought of condemtion.
And in fleeting moments my thoughts are of only this hope to be future.

These dreams are far from becoming reality. These hopes closer to wishes, but I’ll hold onto them and pursue them with my whole being.

Fighting ain’t so hard, it’s the falling down that’s the problem. My legs become unusable. These hulls of flesh keeping me down, so maybe I’ll just get rid of them! I don’t have to run to this hope, it’ll be waiting for me, and so I’m in no rush.

This dream is worth fighting for, so I’ll try my hardest. These excessive complaints are only blocking my way, so I’ll shove by them so my road’s finally clear.

Crawling ain’t so bad, these arms are what’s slowing me down. They’ve gone numb, and refuse to pull my weight. So maybe I’ll just rest here. Here is when I’ll let my thoughts wander again, and when it becomes too painful to think I’ll move again.

This happiness is worth the struggle, so I’ll give it my best shot. These sullen memories are what’s keeping me from moving, so I’ll forget about my painful past so I can smile contently at the future.

These dreams’ are getting closer. Those wishes becoming hopes, but why is your figure blurring so much? I can no longer see my reason for fighting, it seems I dropped it on my way here. It seems my unnerving thoughts shadowed my course and I fell off track.

This is where I turn back. This future I wanted, I couldn’t have without you. I never had to think about you being there, for you to be mine, I thought that was a given. So I’ll gladly take these legs back, so I can get to you faster. I’ll reach out my arms for you.

Seems these hulls of flesh aren’t so useless after all.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 7, 2009

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