ebony davis

No Food - Poem by ebony davis

I wake up every morning
stomach growling
No food to eat but
Momma won't let me tell nobody
Not even Jesus

When Momma leaves I'm happy because
For a second I think
That when she comes back
She'll have something to eat
But still-no food

The Roman Noodles are gone
Momma ate the last pack this morning
And I'm getting weaker
By the moment
Because there is no food

And when I get to school
I sneak to the bathroom and cry
My friends ask what's wrong
I tell them it's something in my eye
And- they believe me

And when I go home
Which is this abandoned house off in the woods
I hug my Momma because I know she did
The best she could with what she had
It just didn't work out

I didn't blame her because she
Put her trust in a man who
Not only verbally abused her but beat her, too
Which is why I entitle this poem No Food

She apologizes to me everyday
I ask het the reason why
But all she does is close her eyes and cry
And I wash those tears from her eyes
No food

Momma there's no reason to cry
I tell her; and she holds my hand
As tight as she possibly can
And says one day I will understand
And still- we have no food

She dies
Right there in my arms
Ironically the same place she held
Me- in her arms
The day I was born

No food, no lights,
No one around to hear
Finally, all her pain is gone
After all of these years

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 9, 2011

Poem Edited: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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