Kerrie Maurer

Not My Fault - Poem by Kerrie Maurer

I can't talk to you
You dont understand
I hide the emotions
So yeah you see me smile
But if you knew
If only you knew
If you really knew what is inside me
What's inside tearing me up
You would see
You'd see why I'm this way
You push me aside
You tell me move on
To forget and forgive
I'll never forget
I'll probably never forgive
I would forgive but
I just can't seem to let it go I should forgive
But I don't think I can
All the pain they put me through
All the things they did to me
All the times I cried for you
You saw them do it
You did nothing
I spoke up you didn't listen So it continued
Day after day
Guy after guy
Over and over and over again
I begged you for help
I cried for you not to leave me here
Nothing changed
You didnt care
Why should I forgive
They took my life away
You let it happen
My life is so hard to live
I walk with intense fear
I cant sleep at night
I cant open up
I don't trust
I don't speak
Im scared of everything
And everyone
I'm your daughter
How could you do this
You said this is my fault
No its not
I couldnt protect myself
I was small and defenseless
Your the mom
It was your job
You did nothing
Me being hurt scared and unsteady
Is not my fault its yours

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 22, 2013

Poem Edited: Friday, September 27, 2013

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