O Inquisitive Heart! Poem by Mohammad Younus

O Inquisitive Heart!

O Inquisitive Heart! Do you look for my Friend's abode?
Do you know not he is everywhere?
Wherever you turn to, He is there;
Deep in the sea of darkness, there lies the Light-bearer...
...who - if you find - will you the right path show;
There is a barrier between you and your friend;
What if the barrier is removed and the two seas meet?
When shall we see that the barrier between us and our friend...
...in fact, is just illusory?
When the illusion is removed we shall see:
'From God we come, to God we shall return again? '
Whoever comes into this world is bound to go back;
But, aware of the truth and enlightened we must be;
To hear glad tidings, one needs only...
...a clue to the secret hidden;
Secrets are galore!
How can we these secrets know?
The myriad calls from our lord ask us to know;
Why are we deaf to His repeated calls?
Why are we wont to turn about...
...as we hear His callbacks not?
Listen! How our lord calls us unto Him:
'O thou human being that hast attained to inner peace!
Return thou unto thy Sustainer, well-pleased [and] pleasing [Him]:
enter, then, together with My [other true] servants -
yea, enter thou My paradise! '
Lo! Peace without him is remote!
Do not be upset by the autumn gale that blows;
Contemplate! Where can you find a thorn-free rose?


O Inquisitive Heart!
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