Vincent Tinto

Obama Nation (Obamanation)

I promise change he said unto thee
They dubbed him the messiah or so did
at least every news network with a 'C'.

He is true to his word and his word true to him.
He is changing the great US from a democracy to
a socialist country, upon us now is a great sin.

He will tell you it's not so. The banking industry,
the auto industry and soon to be healthcare, thus
far all in a row.

He will tell you my government has no interest in
controlling the banking industry, yet it does.
He will tell you my government has no interest in
controlling the auto industry yet it does.
He will tell you my government has no interest in
controlling the healthcare industry, yet they are
trying really hard to. How about the rest of us?

He speaks very eliquently but never says a word.
He shouts it from the mountain top, but his message is
never heard, because he speaks at us not to us. Words just words.

He says he is for small businesses yet jobs roll overseas,
but do not worry there are more bailouts coming that
our children and grand childrens money will oversee.

Even now as his numbers start to plummet he blames
everyone else, what would you expect. I would consider
it laughable, but Nancy Pelosi is next, we are hexed.

Newsweek stated on their front cover 'We Are All Socialist Now'
Newsweek one of the rags who dubbed him messiah.
Speaking of rags, does anyone know if The New York Times is
still in business, if so I ask how, how! !

He goes around the world and says he is sorry for what America has done.
Excuse me, is this the same America who has been the beacon of freedom
and hope for years, 'why you son of a gun.'
Not what I really wanted to say, but it rymes.

Taxing the rich, the three percent who pay half of the taxes in this
country, taking half their money. That's smart, no, just a presidential brain fart..
He said he fights for the poor and middle classes, now that's
what I call funny, with his way, we may all soon be out of money.

By taxing the rich of which he is one, though I am not saying half
of his money goes away, Oh no, he is keeping that money safe on a
shelf, because he will need something else to do in 2012.

He shakes the hand of Hugo Chavez and excepts his gift, a gift which
is a book of propaganda written by his fellow socialist which speaks
of America as a tyrant and a threat.
He would also like to sit and chat with the top man in Iran, rather than
'meddle' in that countries ugly affairs, Even those who voted him messiah now regret.

Change yes change, check list please:

From Democracy to Socialism, that's change

From richest country to most indebted country, that's also change

From A country born on the core principles of freedom to embracing dictators, that's really change.

From Capitalism and the right of an individual to go from nothing to unlimited success to taxing the hell
out of the rich, that change too, you must admit

The Messiah has promised change and he has delivered a package of goods as you
can see, I see this package as undeliverable, send it back and give my country back to
me, sweet land of liberty, only for thee I sing.

Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Comments about Obama Nation (Obamanation) by Vincent Tinto

  • Mike T (8/21/2009 3:50:00 AM)

    Oh Perfect. What an excellent poem.10. Everything you mentioned is the truth. But one thing you also left out. Hussein obama is an islamic fundamentalists. Just like he said during a live t.v. interview. I have muslim faith and the whoever t.v. news reporter had to correct hussein obama and say ' christian faith ' than obama realized oops, i meant christian faith. lol. This dude needs a one way trip to his birthplace in kenya and stay there with the rest of the hopeless people there.

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