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Oblivion Erased With Ink... Memoirs Of 4 - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Hurt like weights, you know…
Open up my eyes
Third night straight
A change, opened up the blinds
Call the bail bond service
Twenty thirteen
Graveyard shift, dead, I want to work week ends
But I need ends
People got to eat
Curse is something new to me
Learning of the Truest Being, Jesus, placed a burden on
Current bad decisions
And authorities won't let me have a family visit
At the building
So I got to stay at my grandma house
At least I'm not within that
It's a living hell
Sitting in the cell, only prayed, facing something major
Got my bible, ain't no telling how it'd go
But somebody come to get me, and I'm grateful
Charges dropped
Then I started looking at the world
No victory for satan
Now, I'm at the house, in misery
I catch a glimpse of demons, passing shadows on the wall
And then when I'm sleeping
On the telephone
I got a call…
Well, somebody cares for me, the despair sorted
Clarity of life, I'm chasing dreams
From this point
On up
For the Christians in the heavens, or the joint, on up
Oblivion, erasing, the pathetic,
Crosses pointed up
No tossing coins in a well, now I'm joining Light
Flowing on the porch
A starry night, lots of solitude, carnal sight receding
How I wonder where I'll be in
Farther years…
Get in school, and try, I see that it was cool
On campus, college fine
Getting views, but then… the end is soon, prophecies are all around
And my vision's sensed as rude but it's the only
Way to ground and sound
The Gospel out
It's not of flout, and not about the sloppy route
But opting out, all the mindset
That seemed appealing
Only logic now
I dropped the clout, rounded, mindset, and starting thinking crown
The spirit type, that we receive if we complete this
Mission, kind of Life, to be efficient
See a difference
Keep it rigid, and for that, I give my soul, just to live unknowns
It's been a couple of months, I'm back around
Moving everything
Steady writing, now developed, to a better frame
Talk about the truth, from my youth
Just to help and
Used to be a fool, but he grew, through the devil's maze
Maybe one day, I'll be something,
Better than a shame
Now, it's Sunday, a becoming unchained
Un-named, Oluwasgun, to trust God, which is powerful
Fiction won't devour you
And even though I'm being attacked…
I sit, relaxed, I'm in the bible, reading scriptures loud, against it
Which was in the house, the minions
On the evil mission
In the spirit, then I'm getting wind of Jesus' visions
Such a moment, I can't even write it!
Be excited
See a time when it's declining, ain't no coming back
Religions? It ain't none of that
But something
To move the mountains, faith, is the common fact, a bunch of that
Took a walk upon the hills, because my thoughts
Were heavy, even though I knew it wasn't willed by the Father's presence
Then the story went, from here, to a constant, ax
Deuteronomy chapter one verse
Forty three
Is what I saw on my phone, distorted me, what was that?
No coincidence, I know
God was sending hints for sure
And I'm with it
I repented, no resistance for my soul, things started getting clear
Heartbreak is just a mirror, don't you tear up
Scars change us from the stagnant to the Spirit, do we hear it?
Live it fearless, to the nearest
Flesh ain't for forever, but it is for Scripture, any sin can get you
Evil's clever
But Jesus better, my Oblivion and ink to settle
Never letting go, let us dwell among the legions of the angels
In completion of this real life
Real type of fill
Knocked bottles on the table, drowning paper, watch it spill…
That's the flavor
Own everything, ours, style, whatever, rise high, miss the rain
Let the sun shine, and metal dries, rust forms
It's great, art there too
Everything's a blessing, be a smart true

Topic(s) of this poem: memoir, truth

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