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the way you smile with your eyes
keeps me so mesmerised.
those deep blue eyes like shining pools
makes me think of precious jewels.

i think i might be obsessed with you...

your laughter haunts me while i sleep
i feel a pain when i see you weep.
my body aches to feel your touch.

when you're around i don't think much
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Faran Khalid 15 July 2009

Very good poem nice feelings of love thats true love 10 plusss

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i really liked that. it really made me smile. that girl must feel so specail. you write from the heart witch i like. there should be no secerts when it comes to poetry. a 10++

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Ty Colbert 18 July 2009

i really like this! ! 10! ! ! ! !

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Rory Hudson 18 July 2009

This is nice, Londiwe. You have managed the rhyme scheme well. I like the way the repetition works and the way you close it at the end.

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Ted M 16 July 2009

A lovely poem, with feelings expressed so well, Nice write from the heart. So simple, yet so emotional.10+++

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Catrina Heart 15 July 2009

well expressed thoughts and feelings...lovely poem crafted! ! !

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Ency Bearis 15 July 2009

a nice write and deeply coming from emotion....a basic ingredients in creating a poem... and this is nicely presented...the repetition of the stanza of being obsessed is a good intention to understand its objective of this write....good job...10

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