Evan Puglisi

Ode To The Cherry Blossom - Poem by Evan Puglisi

I have grown up with this tree,
as my father had grown with it,
and his father before him.

The cherry blossom tree where I was first exposed to the beauty of nature,
where my baby seat was set upon the picnic blanket in the grass,
and I could watch the petals fall and dance around me and my family.
and they would land in my seat,
and I would play with them.

The cherry blossom tree,
with its long branches,
where I first learned to climb,
and where I got my first broken bone,
after I slipped while pretending to be a monkey.

The cherry blossom tree,
where we had our first play date together.
We ran around and played two person tag,
and two person hide and seek,
and two person leap frog.

The cherry blossom tree,
where we had our first date,
where I picked a blossom and put it in your hair,
and called you my hime,
my princess.

The cherry blossom tree,
where we took shelter from the pouring rain,
and I gave you my jacket to put over your head,
and we ran home to take a bath in our clothes,
Because they couldn’t have gotten wetter anyway.

The cherry blossom tree,
under which we said our vows,
and got married,
and you cried,
and said you felt beautiful,
and I kissed you,
and said you looked beautiful,
and we ran through the blossom petals.

The cherry blossom tree,
where we took our two daughters,
and watched them pick flowers,
and give them to you.

The cherry blossom tree,
where our daughters took their loves,
and probably got caught in the rain,
just as we did.

The cherry blossom tree,
which we would watch from the near by bench,
watch children who were not ours play there,
watch couples who were not us date there.

The cherry blossom tree,
where I go to remember you,
where I sometimes cry for you,
where our daughters cry for you.

I grew up with that cherry blossom tree,
and now as I wait to rejoin you,
my love,
I watch others grow with it too.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 21, 2010

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