Of Deserts And Orchards Poem by Keilani Poetry

Of Deserts And Orchards

Rating: 5.0

"And she shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth her fruit in her season; her leaf also shall not wither." (Psalm 1: 3)

In my windblown arid wilderness
a pauper in lands desolate
shifting drifting wayward sands
of passing formless slopes and hills
desert stern and sparsely green
I thirst upon this parched terrain
a beggar with my cup in hand
sojourner on this strand of time

A rivulet I seek and find
the shifting landscape now divides
a highway cutting through appears
upon the face of battle scars
the season bearing fruit has come
for all who seek shall surely find
and dressed they'll be in verdant green
with fragrant blossoms Knowledge brings
in Wisdom shall their tears be dried
reposing in their orchard shade

Sandra Feldman 04 January 2023

This extraordinary poem streams and sings in beauty and perfection, with magnitude and grace rarely attained. I will read it over and over again and never tire of its extraordinary beauty and grace and impecable depth and vision,

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Keilani Poetry 04 January 2023

Dear Sandra, I am deeply moved by your two comments which raise me high. I am very humbled, beautiful poet.

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Rob Lamberton 23 January 2023

I agree with Sandra. She said it so well!

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Rob Lamberton 29 January 2023

I'm wishing there was a "favorite favorites" category.

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The longing when stranded in a desert is a poignant experience. From that bottom-most point, seeking and finding ‘a rivulet' is extraordinary courage. Congratulations for such positivity. Great work.5*s

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Rob Lamberton 04 January 2023

I'm happy to see your poems getting such wonderful remarks! Well deserved. Psalm 1: 3 is very fitting!

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Keilani Poetry 04 January 2023

Your words are very kind, Rob and greatly appreciated. Much thanks

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Maria Mitea 04 January 2023

Beautiful Work!

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Keilani Poetry 04 January 2023

Thank you Maria for your kind words.

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Sandra Feldman 04 January 2023

Every word so well deserved! Poetry like yours, can move the World.

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