Old Cooking Recipes From My Family Poem by Alexander Julian

Old Cooking Recipes From My Family

I have a box of recipes from the past in my own family's property.
It's a wooden box.
And, the wooden box has notes with "old" recipes on them.
Sometimes I feel like examining them.
I may even cook food with the "old" recipes on the notes.
The notes are cards, each made of paper, with an old recipe.
Every note was text by a writing hand, or, text with printing ink.
These "old" recipes for cooking come from my grandparents and beyond.
It's a wooden box with "old" recipes from my ancestors.
My ancestors made these notes for old recipes for cooking food.
Can I always read the old recipes?

I can't always read them.
By that, I mean I just cannot always read them in any way, shape, or form.
I have no reading skills for many "old" recipes from my family's ancestry.
I can't always read my grandma's notes from the past.
Well, there are reasons I cannot always "read" the old recipes.
Some old recipes were made on paper by a unique writing hand.
But, I do not write my own notes in the present with my grandma's hand.
Or, I do not write my own notes in the present with my grandpa's hand.
My grandparents are dead.
So, I cannot ask them questions and have them read the notes for me.
But they did write the notes.
They did write the old recipes.

Sometimes, I can't read the pencil.
Sometimes, I can't read the pen.
Sometimes, I can't read the ink.
Sometimes, I can't read the vocabulary.
Sometimes, I can't read the language.
Sometimes, I can't read the technology.
Sometimes, I can't read the cooking.
Sometimes, I can't read the food.
Sometimes, I can't read the fashion.

Everything is "old" for a reason.
It's old.
I can't always read old books, or, not even old notes.

This is where it gets interesting.
I need to cook.
I need to cook.
How can I cook the food if I cannot read the "old" recipe?
Cooking is a very real kind of literature when you perform the kitchen.
When you cook the food, you read the recipe.
When you cannot read the recipe, you cannot cook the food from it.
That simple.

My grandparents usually did not lie.
They were pretty honest people.
But, they did not have the same hands.
They did not always have the same ideas.
And, they did not always have the same education.
So my collection of "old" recipes becomes the mixed result of age.
I am not ageless.
My ancestors were not ageless.
Or else, I would be living with dinosaurs in a kingdom of neon signs.
I only have my life.
And, I will pass away when the future begins.
Reading history is very important.
I can read some things from the past.
But, I must determine judgement with awareness of nature.

Today, a student at school will say to a girl,

"You're a cool guy."

In the 1940's, a student at school used to say,

"You are a swell girl! "

Both quotes mean the same thing.
These comments mean you are a good person.
You can find these comments on yearbooks in history of education.
Old yearbooks from the 1940's will say "swell" over and over again.
Nobody in my high school used that word.
High school students in the 2000's said "cool" to me.
But both words are exactly the same.
Common sense just changes.
That's why history repeats itself with ignorance and knowledge.
We know to ignore, and, ignore to know.
How does "change" appear to me right now?
Am I cool?
Or, am I swell?
This sounds like a weather problem.
As such, weather impacts cooking.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022
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