Thursday, January 1, 2004

Old Woman Of The Roads Comments

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O, to have a little house!
To own the hearth and stool and all!
The heaped up sods against the fire,
The pile of turf against the wall!


Padraic Colum
Paul Murray 19 September 2021

I remember been taught this poem in 'St Michaels' prepariatipm school, over70 years ago. And it is still my favourite poem of all time.

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Anne Brady 21 May 2021

Love this poem, learned it in Carnaree school about 70 years ago, and can still remember all of it.

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What memories flowed over me, Reminds me of being young School our Teacher & school friends, over 60yr ago, So Beautiful can still recite,

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Kathleen Staddon 24 July 2019

Learned this as a child in killorglin about 70 years ago..Strangely, I always felt comfort when reciting it as I visualised being cosy out of the wind and rain.I can still recite most of it.Never recited it to my 4 Australian children so it’s about time I did.

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Ann Gilliver 09 July 2019

Just so real and fine, learnt this at about 8 years of age, long time ago, brought to life again by a very special friend.

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Edward ODonovan 08 June 2019

SO SO SO Beautiful I learned this by memory in a little school in Ireland in 1947- -How about that! ED

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Constance Grout 30 April 2019

Always loved this poem as a child, made me cry, felt so sorry for old woman

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connie Grout 30 April 2019

I cried reading this poem as a child, but always loved it,93 now and remember feeling so sorry for the old wome

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Such memories of my childhood days reciting this beautiful poem In Castletown School Co Cork under the wonderful guidance of Mrs Crowley I think I did it justice I still recite it for my grandchildren.

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Bernie lambe 18 April 2019

I have loved this poem since I was 10 years old. It epitomises my youth and schooling and is everything I loved about that time. And now it reminds me of wonderful and simple life and way of life., how I felt for the old woman, then, and now I would love to be her in her kittle house, so simple and so perfectly satisfying. I love it. X

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What memories from 1947, I loved this poem

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Noreen Kelly 18 March 2019

I remember learning this poem when I was a little girl and being ver moved by it. I am now 70 years old and still recite it for my grandchildren. It still touches something deep within me.

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Frances Hasson 22 July 2018

I first. learned this poem at school, when I was quite young.I cried about the old woman, having no family or home to live in. It left a profound memory on me, that have I carried all my life. My parents always looked after those in need old or young. I still cry when I recite it.

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paulette de foubert 18 July 2018

fondest memories of my beloved mother who was able to resite this entire poem even when alzeimers had robbed her of many other memories, she dearly loved it and would tell me how glad she was that the lady had her own home in the end

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Jack Cook 18 June 2018

In 1949 my primary class at Glebelands Dundee under Mrs. Nichol, won a poetry competition with our delivery of this poem, I don't know why but I woke up this morning with the poem on my mind, we loved poetry in those days and I myself have penned many, many poems and songs, but it all started then, in 1949.

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Catherine in Kerry 17 June 2018

Iv loved this poem since I learned ot in Primary School

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Celine 06 March 2018

I learned the poem in the '50, s. I loved it then and I still do.

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Ann Columb 12 February 2018

Learned this poem in Primary School. Glad to have found it here thank you for sharing.

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Seema Jayaraman 07 November 2015

The paradise we fail to appreciate..the security of ones on lil house, the pleasure of dusting and cleaning and daily chores at a place called home..only a wanderer and a homeless can appreciate..well knit poem thanks for sharing.

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Susan Williams 07 November 2015

A story about a woman's heart regardless if she be Irish, Swedish, Australian, American- most women want to build themselves a nest

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