Olive Storm - Olive Black Poem by Bulent Karaalioglu

Olive Storm - Olive Black

''So you will take life so seriously that even at seventy, for example, you will plant olives...
Nazim Hikmet
' thermal power plant companies were authorized to cut down olive trees.''
''The Most Valuable Mineral is the Olive.''

After the olive storm, there are
We took refuge in two dirhams of shadowless olives.
It's snowing outside.
The last of the white world
One of two olives
You're the one dressed in black.
The other one is you in the out-of-town hotel

No one's coming or going, my black olive
I counted the candle-scented flames.
I have no coffee friends
You're in a hotel in the countryside.
We couldn't sit at the tables reserved for children.

It's snowing outside
Resisting not to get lost in the white
You're two dirhams of olive.

For those who forget to laugh and in shadowless loneliness
Let me be the first clown in the circus world

I'd like to count the candle-scented flames
I stopped counting calendars.
I thought I was a heart, but I turned out to be cigarette smoke.
I'm black in the olive storm that accumulates in my palms.

While the two dirhams of olives in our lives are objectified, out of town
The hotel is clean with white linens,
The illusion that the snow outside is white is not the only thing it has in common.

Fire, the wheel and our minds
In loneliness as shadowless as an out-of-town hotel.
If there are hearts without love
Refusing to be a flower grown in a pot
I am the black of olives.

Olives are peace and hope.
It is another name for abundance.
The olive is ancient and old to the world
Olives are the memory of trees.

It is one of the five sacred fruits in Abrahamic religions.
Olive is the civilization of the Anatolian Aegean.

In ancient Greece, when virgins were picking olives.
He sang songs.
Olive is a legend
Olives are fertility and holy.

'' During the Persian invasion, the last olive tree was burned along with the Acropolis, but it rose from the ashes and spread again.''
'' thermal power plant companies were authorized to cut down olive trees.''

We are standing at the end of the line.
From a storm of olive abundance to olive massacre
If there is a nation
Let the land be proud of its trees.

In fact, we start life green like olives
Then they refined us and made us black inside.
We've become like olives.
no abundance, no taste.

Some people are more equal, like some companies.
How dare you
Holiness under the axe
Let the trees die standing.
One of my favorite people
In a life and death struggle like trees

C'est la vie
We tried so hard, but we couldn't catch the olives.
When the waiter came, he took the olives in one swoop.
When you put olives on the fork
'If I hadn't tired the olives, you wouldn't have caught them.

In fact, we start life green like olives
Then they refined you and made us black inside.
In 2022, have we tired of olives?
Or has irrationality exhausted the olive?
It's hard to stay two peas in a pod anymore

March 06,2022
17: 23

Friday, November 18, 2022
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