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! Only Whispers Comments

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What good has the world done today,
what deeds that make it now a better place?
Very little do I feel?
George on savior’s path to save the world.


Bob Blackwell
Cindy Kreiner Sera 12 August 2009
A powerful write for one and all to sit up and take note....whisper loud and condemn the harm done to our world and it's inhabitants...well written Bob
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Ritty Patnaik 09 August 2009
whispers i heard loud and clear.......this is awesome poem with a lot of feelings and experienceof life.why cant we think that, all religion have one goal, that is to reach godhead.there is such a thin line between need and greed, which we always overlook, causing disharmony and pain for all.wonderful poem, with a message for peace and harmony.
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dr veenaa rai 04 August 2009
the whispers are LOUD and clear for all to hear_ share your love, life, give to humanity, do constructive work...get over jealousy, religion, war...what a lovely msg to read, sir. poetry with a mission 10+++
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Janell Cressman 03 August 2009
This Sir is true poetry! filled with the beauty and pain of the world, this is one of the best poems I have read in awhile, it had true feeling in it and I believe a lot of what is in your heart, but also held great poetic structure, you are a brilliant poet! ! ! ! ! !
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Anjali Sinha 02 August 2009
wowwwwwww a masterpiece here how come I did not see this earlier excellent write sir A++ anjali -10
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Farouq Ali 24 July 2009
Together we strive for a better life, if only people overstand life is made for living not for killing.. i dream for a UNITED STATE WORLD where we are all ONE! ! Superb writing 10 ++++++
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Alf Hutchison 19 July 2009
'Then this world becomes our world for us all to love, and share.' Bob these words of yours sum up your philosophy in this, from the heart and soul epic...beautifuly put...I hope the world is listening..Regards Alf
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Sandra Martyres 09 July 2009
Bob, both your anguish and anger at the state of the world are clearly articulated in this very well written poem.... I do wish it could be circulated to create a better awareness among both the political fraternity and the citizens too 10+++
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Whispers came were loudly heard, of words of love, of peace, to all on earth, only now we see the beauty of our land. All free now, just one God, you and me, him and her, them and us, all people of this world. Now I see their worth, For now I surely care.... what anuniversal wish.... i surely care... beautiful write....10
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Vidi Writes 20 June 2009
Sound of thunder with a show of lightnings The light touches the earth with heavy shower The dry mud, swept away in the deep flow Those heavy murky clouds not to be seen All melting and melting and melting.... Dear poet, this is my feel, when i read here. What a commanding stoke... The time... whisper not heard The time whisper loudly heard Everything so superbly encapsulated. I just enjoyed each line And took them into my stride. Great appeal, great write.
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'So I think; why does this go on and on? In this diverse and magic world, we love to see the contrasts of, seas, mountains, deserts, fields, and plains' that s what we all think sir, for how long this misery gona continue, your poem said it all.., a very strong and powerful poem that can touch the reader's mind thanks 10+++
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Kesav Easwaran 23 May 2009
You have a strong revolting heart revolting against anything unjust or bad, Bob...this fact, i have noticed in many of your this write you simply allow your anger and disappointment to flare ablaze...powerful awareness poem...10
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Mamta Agarwal 10 April 2009
anger, dismay, helplessness- all expressed with intensity, images come out alive... moral decay, some pray good sense will prevail, and the world will hear the whispers and all shall be well. Thanks Bob, this is an amazing poem, with a perfect ending.10 Mamta
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Malcolm The Last. 09 April 2009
This is a challenge to the politicians of the world. The length of the poem symbolises the long downward spiral of morality and respect for fellow humanity when the politicians selfishly pursue survival and recognition. You would never have put it in a few words.
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it is a irony...we have to strive to be happy..we have piled up so much of rubbish and we start of with which is older..any thing which would'nt grow need'nt be of any value to us...lovely poem it put me into deep my 'wealth' and inheritance
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Dr. Kolitha Lelwala 18 January 2009
What a strong poem, your experience make you a son of God, Thank you sir, I bow you for this poem. Unfortunately poor polititians never get this sort of inspirations. I am very junior to comment on this, well done sir
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Fay Slimm 17 January 2009
Bob - I am so glad I have found this - must have missed it somehow - -you have encapsulated the essentials of life as nature meant it and at the same time narrated the history of the intervention of the greed in human minds - - - this is an epic which is coming with me to my favourites......... thank you sincerely from Fay.
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Mamta Agarwal 08 January 2009
Bob, you have very dexterously interwoven the magic of nature and horror of terror, greed, cruelty. as Mimi, says all young and old should read this poem. it resonates with what still can be- hope if we hear the whispers carefully and tune to nature and the good that is there.amazing10 Mamta
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Mimi Fakhira 27 December 2008
Such a truthful poem. Some people are willing to sacrifice everything for gold and wealth, even for vengeance. They didn't think of the future generation that needs a loving and peaceful world to live in. I would really love to see this poem in the front page of every newspaper in the world! You use simple but powerful words that creates a sophisticated, truthful and amazing poem. Congratulations!
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Sathyanarayana M V S 29 October 2008
Your poems are always so exhaustive; you leave nothing untouched. So well dealt with this subject with passion, emotion and honesty.
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