Ray Mesa

Rookie (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Open Fire On A Sweet Sixteen Party - Poem by Ray Mesa

It's time for a celbration
Let's celbrate
Higher prices and self mutaltion
Sudden Collabrate
We are all destorying the world
We all took turns rapeing the girl *
whose name is money
Her skin is pale and she always acts so funny
Laughs like a ghost, Smiles like a whore
Sudden roast, Wanting more
Sleeping in a tent that has cement walls
Pay your rent and unhook the phone and doors
No one left to rant, No one left to call
Sleep along the road as you slip up on the shore
Swallow just as soon as you drown
Smile just as fast as you frown
Moody feelings strikeing the bell of life
Telling me it's nothing more then it's own thought
Fighting the battle without ammoution but a dull knife
Cutting the throats of a thosand fucking cunts
Slipping around on oily roads and calm storms
Flying home in a limo that can hold
A millon inocent child that feed on dirt
and a thosand more that have no souls
It's out of control
It's all that matters and less
supress and distress
Make up the made up and sleep tonight in a bed
that has thorns for horns
adore the core and sleep alone
Family vacation with a moral
Mount Rushmore with a black face
and the white house is tasteless
so we add some pink
let those mothers think
if life is a dull knife or a smile
Higher then the dead man that flys
above the clouds with a smile of grain
Smile and a gain
forgive me for giveing two shits
if that man can aim or hit
Below and higher diss
supress the mistress and Detect the dieing pair
For sure, the mile is high
The world is mine and the blood is fine
Slipp of a virgin tounge and a touch of a whore's lip
Paying in full amount
the origanl mount
I have so many problems
so many I cant count
I have a dark soul and no
I am not someone to cry for
Don't pay for my meal
I'll just kill you and pay you back
in money that ain't mine

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 8, 2006

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