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Our Destiny - Poem by Shelby Brockway

My heart beats senselessly over you
over the emotions you put inside of me
and when all is true, there are you,
pulling me through then you lift me
up on my wings,
so I can soar in the sky
and fly away, way up high,
into the tree's wild, and free
My mind, it is forever running
you through it like a movie,
filled with color, and imagination.
none the less, here I am falling in
love with you, with my heart beating
faster and faster, like a bomb's about
to explode. like a love story episode
but on repeat, and here you are
knocking me off of my feet
and into your arms, you catch me,
then my heart sinks into you
creating a diversion, of reality,
and what I want it to be.
Some say it's love, but I say,
it's destiny, because we are
forever together, just you and me,
so come, let's fly together
up; up into that glorious sky,
that bursts into colors of our imagination.
and at night, the light, it fades away,
into our hearts, amazing how brightly
it is sparkling, creating magic so fierce
no one can stop the force
that has been set in motion
they call it love, but I call it destiny
together forever you and me
So when I say I care
it is true, because nothing
can compare to what I feel for you
and the diverging roads that have us
split apart, they will one day
clash, and we will crash into the one
heart we have become, because we
are one in the same, and I want to
come to you, and proclaim, my love
for you, and you will realize what you already knew
Hold my hand, and take a stand
stand with me, for what is real
stand with me, for what we feel
stand with me, in the rain
stand with me, ease my pain
stand with me, for what's right
stand with me, on this night
In your arms, I have proclaimed
I am yours, and you are mine
with are hearts entwined
we'll fly into that sky
and get lost in the colors of the world.
Never let go, and go with the flow
the flow of the drug that you have put in my heart
People say it's love
But I say it's destiny
Together forever, you and me
forever, and ever until eternity
Ask yourself, what is going on?
Why am I singing this song?
Thinking nothing could go wrong.
But I take a chance
and here we are
stepping to this dance
and this beat, in the street
in the rain, here you are easing my pain
You ask how I feel about you?
Way more than words, that's true.
I will always care, and show you that
I'll be there. Sometimes, love has it's way
of evening out the bad, and the sad
and together, we can conquer anything
So come here, and let me touch your lips with
mine, with you breathing the same air
as I, because we are one, one in the same
It's no child's game, this is our fame
People call it love but I say it's destiny,
together, forever, you and me
that's how it's meant to be
until eternity. I'll hold you forever
care for you, forever, love you forever
because we are one in the same
We are two hearts, emerged into one
both strong, both fearless, both
ready to show the world, what we see.
This is our story, our glory
Let's take it, let's take the chance
that has been bestowed upon us
Let's live, and forgive, love, and trust.
Tis a must, love, not lust.
Here we are healing our scars,
protecting our hearts
creating new starts
and in the end
it will still be destiny,
together forever, you and me

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