Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pain Comments

Rating: 5.0

When everything seems to go dark
I can see clearly
I can feel it all
Unspoken words bounce off the prison in my mind


Vanessa Kingsley
Greenwolfe 1962 18 April 2009

These are the sincere words of a secretive soul. A soul that is suffering. Perhaps a pain that is becoming too much to endure. It needs to escape somehow. Though I don't see it happening here. At least not anytime soon. A great reading, by the way. GW62

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Daryl Young 12 April 2009

Quite a bit of emotion. You can almost feel it. Very cool Rabbit

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Godspower Oshodin 10 April 2009

a continuous flow of words that can go intrinsic the mind. i love this piece

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Ken Suh 09 April 2009

This in particular has wordings that like Fiona said, 'breathtaking'. Diliberate and purelu thought. Nice :) !

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Fiona Davidson 09 April 2009

wow now this is simply breathtaking in its phrasing Vanessa...beautiful thank you...Fi 10+++

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Eyan Desir 09 April 2009

Nice Poem Good write

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Barry A. Lanier 09 April 2009

a catharsis of pain...end over...this guy needs a 'Gun In The Blueberry Pie'

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Janell Cressman 08 April 2009

I like how you express your self! it is a sad poem but yet theres something importend in it, a very well written poem! !

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