James W. Lewis

Pain - Poem by James W. Lewis

A gunshot through your fleshy part, about say mid-thigh high, the pain is so intense you swear to God you're going to die.

You're drowning in the ocean, salty water fills your lungs, you ache to take that 1 fresh breath of oxygen, there's none.

Imagine if you will my children, wooden baseball bats, the handle's slim to grab the business end is thick and fat.

You're rappin witcha potnas, shootin shit bout this and that, so you don't see it coming but you feel a deaf'ning crack.

A million one scenarios like this around the globe, the pain's enough to open wide and swallow you up whole,

but let's say that the pain's inside your very heart and soul, you'd give your very life to make it not hurt anymore.

You're wand'ring through the darkness with no light, let's say you're scared, the person that you love the most in life just doesn''t care,

if whether you'll arrive intact to just embrace the bright, the pain of no acknowledgement cause way too many fights.

I'm speaking on these thoughts of pain that hurt me to the core, it lays me out and leaves my heart pulsating on the floor.

I realize love is not enough to cure the sickest ills, the pain inside is running wild and pysched for sick'ning kills.

If there's no way to fix it I'll bow out, I tried my best, the lonely times without her smile's a fate much worse than death,

but kill me if you must I swear I'd go out like a soldier, I might just cry, but then I'd die, at least the pain is over.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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