MckennaElsie levitt

Passion - Poem by MckennaElsie levitt

We begin our lives, happy as can be.
Get led astray and suddenly we ain't so free.
Education and fake passions are drilled into us
Like it's the motherfucking military.
We lose sight of what we want until we only get a glimpse or a glance.
That was our last chance!
So our passion is a widow
Maybe we should remarry
to something called hope.
Because our dreams are ghosts
we trapped them inside our broken spirits.
Never to return, drowning in salty tears.
Someone stop it before we collapse
And we relapse into the past memories.
Gotta be strong, let our hearts beat strong, and so on.
Troubles come easily, let them go.
People walk in, people you don't know.
Man said spit something really real,
So I gave it to him, but he couldn't fucking deal.
Took back his words, matter fact he returned em,
matter fact he burned em.
they shrivelled up just like his eyes
when he realized that all these lies have been compromised.
He finally broke and said the life I got, I earned it.
And he's sorry I've dropped it back in my past
I coulda made my passions last
if only I kept grip of them.
Wondering why he picked me to pity,
out of every child left in this city.
He said he saw me in one of his dreams,
And I'm very real or so it seems.
I was chosen to spark desire,
so I took him and I shook him,
I cried and I despised the fire that lit within my eyes.
we struck our own hearts with whips of strife,
wondering how I lost sight of myself in my own fucking life.
lightening struck, and we danced in the rain,
we danced and danced to hide the pain.
through the music of our own tears,
we let go of all our fears.
we healed the pain from these past years,
tore apart our shells and broke apart from these spells.
there ain't no military action able to hold us captive.
we've broken the mold, even when we're old,
atleast we'll be doing what we love.
From the moment we're born to day our souls embark,
never, no never, should we ever lose that spark,
despite what our higher authority figures say,
never let them take your passion away.
for that's all we have to make us who we are,
if we know what we want, see who we can be,
then let us explore, sore and be free!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 20, 2012

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