Jordan Legaspi

Rookie (24 July 1978 / Davao City, Philippines)

+ Pax Rextus –the Ancient Madness - Poem by Jordan Legaspi

Pax Rextus –The Ancient Madness

I Bliss: Poverty to Defined Eden

I was there in their magnificent palace
So beautifully erected, pride of their faith it seems
Gigantic pillars of marble, supporting its base
High as the clouds of Olympus, its column of grace

Cathedral; kingdom-hall; and that of holy temples –
The sacred gates of mortals and gods alike, their meeting place;
The hallowed nave of prayers, and chants, and charms;
Of hundreds and thousands of them –their flesh and bones

I was there in their magnanimous dome
Well painted that of ageless craft of wisdom
Its half-moon shape, displayed the heavenly home
Wide as the mouth of paradise, fountain of saintly venom

II Creed: The Mythic Pattern

I was there in their glorious altar
Where precious stones contoured each cadaver
Hundreds of them; creatures shape of ancient avatar
With shield and sword; cups and scroll, in picturesque wear

Scrolls; manuscripts; and that of holy books of oath:
The language of their moral; the code of their highest truth,
The alphabet of their gods; symbol of its dominion,
The waited signs to provide goes and stops from their mourn

I was there in their mysterious designed home
Incense bathe the air; in the hearth divine fire fumed
The voice of silence unto the ears –the infernal hymn,
Though it was, cry of anguish lingers to the abode of gloom

III Deity: The Faces and The Masks

I was their with them –the face in different space and time
Their voice in unison though differently holy-divine:
Female like: the virgin; the mother; and the crone,
The veil of beauty, embrace and malice; their spirited throne

Priestess, seer, sacred crag –the oracle readers
A life style though offered to the highest heavens
In frenzy: the scream, the speaking of tongue
The ejaculation of spiritual orgasm, in their madness hue

I was their on my knees, circumcised from my insanity
The chant ones again halt infuse my senses –come my perpetual lady
Their wings unto my feet –the gown of truce, a mighty goddess
Alas! The hour was; the passing of the crescent temporal kiss

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