Dhruv Dikshit

People Love Loving People - Poem by Dhruv Dikshit

With all the trust in the world,
Handshakes and mid-night prays,
Gita, Bible, Quran’ll stay,
When people love loving people again.

Isn’t it lovely to love?
Doesn’t it hurt to hate?
Doesn’t love make you smile?
And hate furious, back again?
Still won’t love loving people again.

Oh! What fools you are!
To believe in this spreading disease.
Look! It’s not easy to explain!
Why people don’t love people again.

How did it all begin?
Adam & Eve or the Big Bang?
Or did apes turn humans?
How does it matter anyhow,
Aren’t humans turning to apes again?

Civilizations, what did you teach?
Love is intrinsic, perhaps.
That’s why you drowned with time,
Convicted with an unbalanced world,
Love and hate should be parallel in terms.

They say everything has a solution,
Talking of science, sports or school.
Won’t fit with feelings, though,
No cure yet found,
To the scars from their stabs.
And won’t come close to loving people again.

If spread on the fields to grow,
Some are there to cut it down,
From time-to-time.
If spread in the air to flow,
Some are there to pollute it all,
From time-to-time.
Why would people ever love people again?

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 30, 2010

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