Katherine Lyczek

Phantom - Poem by Katherine Lyczek

In the realm of non existency,
there is a lesson we must all be taught
Dive into your duties,
hold no regard for petty, stifiling, emotions called fear.
ignore what your brain is telling you,
and aim right for the heart as you let your bullets fly hot right into the face of victory
let your hair whip against your hardened cheeks as you fly into the world of your own secret demise
we are all one, large unit of lost ghosts
forced into the path and made to walk it
destined to be worthless pawns to our masters
the ones truly above the game itself,
we are merely nothing but sarcastic giveaways to those whom deserve a quit ticket to hell,
for one cannot think twice before pulling the trigger,
no hesitation,
thats a huge rule.
absolutely none.
keep in mind that all will come against you one day,
hold a special place of hatred for them in your soul
hold them wittless and stranded against their utter force of shameless brutality
feel no guilt as you easily wipe out all in your path,
spare no victims, as in our books, anyone can be seen as a deer in a field of minorities.
if given the chance, at least..
this is my path,
my dream,
my only and sole purpose,
to kill
to thrive of on the demolishment of others
laugh in spite of the face of grace,
right on it's gloriful statue as i shoot down it's angels
pick pick pick,
one by one,
all gone.
soon, we will too..
Get your weapons ready, we will be off now,
quiet as the wind, we are non existant,
ghosts of the past,
and reminders of the future,
we control what happens now,
you just have to pull the trigger,
and count to three...
We're done here, now lets slip out, undetected...
we are the phantoms of this place..
and we are nothing.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poem Edited: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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