Maya Angelou

(4 April 1928 - 28 May 2014)

Phenomenal Woman - Poem by Maya Angelou

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
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Topic(s) of this poem: beautiful

Comments about Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

  • (12/22/2009 10:30:00 AM)

    The only reason this poem is number one is because it makes fat women feel better. Honestly this is sooo some Hardy people.. (Report) Reply

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  • (12/19/2009 6:05:00 PM)

    I <3 this poem.Dr. Maya Angelou is an inspiration to me and surely many others.Her Poetry makes me wanna cry, clap, smile, and laugh.Her poetry gives me mixed emotions and i'm a kid so some of her poems makes no sense to me. But the ones that do its Amazing I cant describe it. On and Off since I was 10 I've Been debating on if i want to be a poet, softball player, or singer.I'm Pretty sure its not singing.Lol. So I've decided for now its gonna be some type of writing and no matter what i'm gonna be a softball player.So thats it but i have something to say about someone...

    John Tustin,
    What you said about Dr.Angelou was very rude and disrespectful. If you dont like her poems it's not your place to critisize her very indecently and fallaciously.Are you a poet? Probably not.So why dont you think about how you would feel.
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  • (12/16/2009 9:22:00 AM)

    brillianttttttttttt........ (Report) Reply

  • (12/13/2009 5:18:00 PM)

    LOVE this poem its Phenomenal b/c it's true
    you shouldn't have to be loud or shouting to be recognized.
    it should just be you that gets noticed with out having to try
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  • (12/13/2009 11:37:00 AM)

    At a concert in Hamilton Ontario on Dec 12,2009, I heard Amy Sky sing Phenomenal Woman. Amy wrote the music to this outstanding poem, after meeting Maya and receiving her permission. It was the highlight of the show presented with wonderful expression and beautiful body language. I hope Maya has seen her sing it live. (Report) Reply

  • (12/4/2009 10:57:00 PM)

    women understand this poem...and some men maybe... letting someone determine how beautiful you are is the biggest mistake you can make...a woman is as beautiful as she thinks she is...and if she thinks she is, it shows (Report) Reply

  • (12/2/2009 5:35:00 PM)

    If you like Maya Angelou you will love this! ! !
    'Stranger to me'
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  • (11/29/2009 7:26:00 AM)

    its a very inspiring poem, gives on outlook of a woman (Report) Reply

  • (11/25/2009 3:45:00 PM)

    I think John Tustin is protesting too much and I smell a waft of misogyny in his odour here. (Report) Reply

  • (11/17/2009 3:40:00 PM)

    Blood and darkness does not refer to the soul, but to the deep well a poet's inspiration comes from. Calling Maya Angelou a poet is like saying Lil Wayne is the next Ray Charles. (Report) Reply

  • (11/16/2009 1:58:00 PM)

    Blood and darkness, These are not what everyone's souls are or should be made of. What is desolate soul, is the countless amount of Young women who are afraid to be themselves, down in the dump dump dumps. Media Is souless Maya is not. (Report) Reply

  • (11/9/2009 8:13:00 PM)

    Here is a quote from Pablo Neruda's acceptance of his Nobel Prize -

    'I render my thanks and return to my work, to the blank page which every day awaits us poets so that we shall fill it with our blood and our darkness, for with blood and darkness poetry is written, poetry should be written.'

    I don't see any blood or darkness above. Just bumper sticker platitudes. What she says is life-affirming dross and has no soul. I didn't miss anything, as a matter f fact, it was too obvious.
    If you are insecure, strive to improve yourself instead of wallowing in it, pretending it is what you want.
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  • (11/9/2009 7:54:00 AM)

    really it's not for bored housewives but for all women who are insecure. it is a portrayal of pride in feminity and confidence in one's self. Bukowski, Sexton, Ginsberg, Neruda...all great. But Maya Angelou is an opinionated woman who's got something to say, and here, she makes perfect sense. And her repition here just emphasizes the point, even in an obvious way. Still, it's seems as though you've missed it. (Report) Reply

  • (11/8/2009 10:05:00 PM)

    Tripe. Feel-good-about-myself-and-my-alleged-flaws. Read by bored housewives that sip chardonney in the afternoon while the kids are at school. Do yourselves a favor and read Charles Bukowski, Anne Sexton, Allen Ginsberg and Pablo Neruda. Maya Angelou is puffed-up, soulless drivel. Calling Maya Angelou a poet is like calling Billy Ray Cyrus the next Hank Williams. (Report) Reply

  • (11/4/2009 4:42:00 PM)

    Wow, that was pretty good, but i hear there is this poem called 'Neil is awsome', it was life changing and insperational. Read it and vote it a 10! (Report) Reply

  • (11/1/2009 5:16:00 PM)

    This is so true. I know how it is not to be how in my opinion people would see you or even in terms to how i see myself. But for me all is okay now, and especially with my weight issue in the past, i have gained confidence. and now to know that all are phenomenal, both woman and even men! ! lol :) (Report) Reply

  • (10/27/2009 6:09:00 PM)

    Sometimes you need to hear nice things... Bc ppl dont want to say it. (to me) its about a woman who is proud who she is... and doesnt care what ppl seem to think.. Mr. Snide (Report) Reply

  • (10/27/2009 6:06:00 PM)

    This poem can relate to any woman..... keep your haeds up you r all phenomenal! Thanx Ms.MAYA ANGELOU (Report) Reply

  • (10/26/2009 11:06:00 AM)

    Your poem is simply amazing! (Report) Reply

  • (10/26/2009 10:57:00 AM)

    It's very.....hmm...interesting, it has no limit to it's conditions, as some have stated it could be based on a womans confidence.

    Personally when i read it, i see a woman's difference, everything about her is unique, like everyone else in life, the detail in it's in each part of her that makes her who she is. She talks about how both men and woman can't realise what it is because they can't 'SEE' it, people are all too focused on how people look, they don't think to see what's not there.

    An immense poem, much superior to my works, thanks

    Feel free to come and read my poems, i don't mind about the comments, if someone is reading them, I'm happy :)
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