Maya Angelou

(4 April 1928 - 28 May 2014)

Phenomenal Woman - Poem by Maya Angelou

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
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Topic(s) of this poem: beautiful

Comments about Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

  • (2/13/2009 12:57:00 PM)

    Really interesting poem, I would love to hear your comments on my poem entitled 'Trees'. (Report) Reply

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  • (2/13/2009 11:08:00 AM)

    It makes me feel so confident when I read this poem everytime because don't need to show less clothing like all the girls are doing and music video girls that I see today to give a guys attention or impress them, I show my looks and qualities and myself respect. Thanks again Ms. Angelou. (Report) Reply

  • (2/7/2009 12:16:00 AM)

    The most beautiful poem on women. (Report) Reply

  • Martin O'Neill (1/22/2009 4:33:00 AM)

    Sialia, don't worry if it doesn't light your fire. Poetry is highly subjective like all art and what one person feels is wonderful can look like a pile of bricks to another. I quite like this poem too but it doesn't leave me weak at the knees. Another one in the top 500 is by Howard Simon and I find his work dreadful! How it got up into the realms of top 500 I don't know! ! (Report) Reply

  • (1/20/2009 8:33:00 PM)

    excellent, realistic, sentimental, proud and a little symphonic i happen to be male but im glad that women out there with self esteem issues can look at lights like this... i speak for uneccesarily sad women when i say thank you (Report) Reply

  • (1/20/2009 6:43:00 PM)

    I don't think you guys get this poem. She is trying to tell women to feel beautiful no matter what you look like. If you are a big woman or not so pretty doesn't mean you are not beautiful, it is the way in which you carry yourself and what you believe yourself to be. If you believe you are beautiful and carry yourself as such then everyone will see you as being a beautiful person also. She is just trying to give women self confidence. (Report) Reply

  • (1/19/2009 7:27:00 PM)

    This poem is more than just a 'weak and feeble attempt at self-agrandisement' and the author, Ms. Maya Angelou, is not trying to criticise or downsize the male gender at all. This poem is just Maya Angelou praising herself regardless of what anyone else says. No one said this poem has anything to do with the male gender at all. Again, She is stating her love for herself regardless of anyone else's opinion, which is why, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not leave a comment, especially if it is going to be chauvinistic and degrading. (Report) Reply

  • Michelle Melody (1/13/2009 1:35:00 PM)

    I do not see how the words of a woman that knows her inner self, her strenght and realises it in other woman can lead to the degradation of mankind, men know their strengths, they celebrate it, why not a woman? It serves humanity in the way that it shows a woman can (without beauty of a supermodel) make people listen a wise woman that is listened to might just hold the secrets of making the world a better place. Loved the poem! (Report) Reply

  • (1/9/2009 9:58:00 AM)

    this is one of the poem that I really feel the poet's feeling even though I don't see her or hear her. What a poet, she is truly the phenomenal women. (Report) Reply

  • (1/5/2009 9:12:00 AM)

    Saw this lady on TV and what a woman to aspire to be like. She is lovely, and bright from the inside out; has seen and done things that most of us only dream about. No quater was given to her, she made it all happen. Again what a lady. T (Report) Reply

  • (12/29/2008 2:06:00 PM)


    Your poetry is inspirational. It reflects your inner beauty.
    Thanks for sharing,

    (Report) Reply

  • (12/24/2008 2:01:00 PM)

    man this is so great but if you want to see some tallent read my poems people (Report) Reply

  • Ken Suh (12/15/2008 12:32:00 PM)

    Nice poem :) How long did it take you to write that? ? ? ? ? ? (Report) Reply

  • (12/15/2008 4:29:00 AM)

    Phenomenal poem, I envy your talent (Report) Reply

  • (12/12/2008 5:12:00 AM)

    Stomp around..... sure women can do a lot on the ramp.

    Nice to know you did something beautiful by writing a lovely poem.

    Like to watch your other poems.
    (Report) Reply

  • (11/26/2008 5:01:00 PM)

    its a poem written as dance

    Cheeky London poet seeks comments and opinions
    (good or bad)
    (Report) Reply

  • (11/23/2008 11:28:00 AM)

    Wow, how convincing & bold........knows all tricks of a magician..
    still conceals a lot....simply unveils the bewitching truth...
    glorious...........thanks for sharing...rgrds/salu
    (Report) Reply

  • (11/20/2008 3:18:00 PM)

    It's a dance written as peom (Report) Reply

  • shygirl 93 (11/11/2008 5:26:00 AM)

    great poem with a good point i love your 'still i rise' (Report) Reply

  • (11/10/2008 7:44:00 PM)

    What a great poem with such a great point! (Report) Reply

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