Many men have seen her face,
yet miss the beauty within.
They all will fail, with no avail
to notice the love therein.
And when she speaks of love she seeks,
men try but can't fulfill.
They wish to creep while lover's sleep
but her mind leaves them still.
She is amplified, undenied, when simplified
she's bonafide.
Educating, calculating, if complicating
She's exactly what a woman should be,
a remarkable lady...Phenomenally.
Many men whisper words of passion,
yet they've never reached her soul.
So they fall, and with no pride crawl,
when she would admire self-control.
It's when she walks, that envy stalks
in a form familiar to man.
Those filled with hate can't seal her fate,
and she'll end where she began.
She can captivate, dominate and her words are known to motivate.
Never mistaken, often forsaken, in troubling times never shaken.
She's exactly what she wants to be,
the essence of woman....Phenomenally.
No one will realize her hidden cries,
so don't claim to know her well.
She'll lead no history to her inner mystery,
or secrets not easy to tell.
There ‘s no need to plant so many lies,
where beautiful roses should bloom.
Men fall to their knees with the greatest of ease,
when this orchid enters the room.
She is seductions' abduction, and perfections' obsession.
From neglections' reflection to discretions' protection.
She personifies a woman's individuality
Undeniably poetry, Phenomenally.
Can you see her soul with wandering eyes,
as she glides across the floor?
Making comments of lust, but never of trust
is why she oftens chooses you to ignore.
Do you think of her mind before she speaks,
or claim to know her intellect?
Women pant and ponder letting jealousy wonder
why the savy men require neglect.
She’s sexualitys’sensuality, and ecstacys’ intensity.
Allusions’ delusion, but confusions’ conclusion.
Passions’ flamboyance for all to see,
the meaning of Woman…Phenomenally