Philosophies Poem by Keilani Poetry


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Shall we share some wine or tea
explore potentialities
converse of life's complexities
asseverate philosophies

Companions are the sun and moon
nurturing the leaf and vine
the whole of nature's force aligned
friendship is each other's shine

LeeAnn Azzopardi 16 December 2022

Bravo Ms. Keilani Bravo! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Bharati Nayak 30 December 2022

Poetry is a great field where poets and readers converse and communicate with one another by comments, appreciation and critiques.It encompass so many things like life, nature, philosophy, politics or religion.It is an open arena.In a lonely moment of the poet, stars and moon give companion.

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Rob Lamberton 27 December 2022

Thank you for inviting others into the world of Poetry! Thank you for being kind and giving humble encouragement to others. The Word within your word makes this poem and your other works shine!

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Keilani Poetry 27 December 2022

I thank you truly for your thoughtful and uplifting words to me. I am humbled and heartened, dear poet. Very much so..

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Dr Dillip K Swain 20 December 2022

I am startled that you are using a pseudonym here. Many good poets use pseudonyms for different reasons. Whatever may be the case, your poetry is of high standard...respect and regards.

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Keilani Poetry 20 December 2022

I am honored by your comment. I will consider your words. Thank you ever so kindly.

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Sharing, exploring and "converse of life's complexities'… nice one. I was hooked to this gem of a poem

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Keilani Poetry 17 December 2022

Your beautiful words are much appreciated, kind poet. Thank you Unnikrishnan

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Sandra Feldman 16 December 2022

Imagination, and vivid poetic sensations enhance the kind feelings projected in this charming presentation.

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Keilani Poetry 17 December 2022

Many thanks, Sandra, for your always kind words.

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