Monday, January 13, 2003

Pigs Comments

Rating: 2.9

Us all sore cement was we.
Not warmed then with glares. Not glutting mush
under that pole the lightning's tied to.
No farrow-shit in milk to make us randy.


Les Murray
Jono Snips 26 May 2019

Cows are better. Change my mind.

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lexi nevins 22 May 2019

this is fheykyriyhiruii n hykfuf

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pepa pig 20 May 2019

bruh bruh BRRUUUUUUUUHHH bruh

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peppa pig 20 May 2019

Oi you hurt anymore of my people I'll do you in bruv. you got it bruv.

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Peppa Pig 20 May 2019

I'll you up you talk about pigs again mate.

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wowwww 13 September 2018


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Briony Nicholls 11 July 2015

This must be a brilliant poem because I don't understand a single word of it! All I know is that it's set in the Australian bush and there is great commotion in it.

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