Pirates Of The Caribbean Poem by narendra nath

Pirates Of The Caribbean

We are the Pirates of the Caribbean,
with Jack sparrow as our Captain.

Black Pearl is the name of the Ship,
with Black Magic as the rhyme of the Grip.

A curse which never got Lifted,
a force which never got Gifted.

A compass which never shows North,
with a map which never shows Path.

As the journey is Horrible,
so the jannuary is Terrible.

As our courage is Rough,
so our vouage is Tough.

Destiny was an Island,
with mutiny in our Motherland.

Looting is our Passion,
shooting is our fashion.

We feel Nothing,
as we peel Everything.

As wide was the Range,
so tide was Strange.

We opened a Dead Man's Chest,
to find a Heart Full of Rest.

We had a bottle full of Rum,
just like a battle full of Gun.

Pleasure makes us Greed,
treasure is all we Need.

Lead or leave is not the Matter,
dead or alive is all we Gather.

We never Got Bend,
at the World end.

Phillip Hayes 05 February 2019

My goodness This poem reaks emotion and the life of the Pearl so seamlessly

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thanks for commenting on my poem

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