Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pleasure From Rain Drops Comments

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The cloud acts as the harbinger of rain
That plays at above blue sky.
Rain drops fall from black cloud
On dry apprehensive earth,


Pushpendra Patel 12 February 2019

I love sound of raindrops. I hear it with thunder of cloud. Lovely imagery you have drawn through this interesting poem

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Kumarmani Mahakul 10 December 2016

picture of Nishu Mathur xBeautiful and a delight to read. 15 Jul 2015 by Nishu Mathur | Reply picture of Angel mia LOVE xLucky you all are not much rain here, , , lovely ink tfs dear blessings xoxoxo 15 Jul 2015 by Angel mia LOVE | Reply picture of sunprincess ? ? ? x......most fabulous and a wonderful composition...thank you for sharing dear friend :) ? 15 Jul 2015 by sunprincess ? ? ? | Reply picture of Scott Hemingway xIntriguing write. 15 Jul 2015 by Scott Hemingway | Reply picture of rain... xOf course I'm inclined to prefer rain myself :) but it almost always amazes me how much people always seem to long for the wet cadence of it. A lovely rendition of cumulus bursts that sings its own melody in the heart of the listener... 15 Jul 2015 by rain... | Reply picture of laura loveheart xWe all need the rain! , lovely words, tfs, [3 15 Jul 2015 by laura loveheart | Reply picture of ?Parkle Lee xA sophisticated write Kumarmani, good work. I recently wrote a much more simplistic poem about rain drops, I decided not to share it but after reading this, I think I will. 16 Jul 2015 by ?Parkle Lee | Reply picture of Chris G. Vaillancourt xYou have expressed your thoughts and feelings well. Well Done, nice piece 16 Jul 2015 by Chris G. Vaillancourt | Reply picture of Jane Taylor Hardy xI adore the rain ~ you write with eloquence, grace.....yet mysteriousness....a lovely portrait penned. 20 Jul 2015 by Jane Taylor Hardy | Reply

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Pietro 6 16 January 2016

Your words give sensations. Thanks Mr Kumarmani

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Edmund Strolis 06 October 2015

The cleansing, revitalizing rain.............who were in need of rainfall.

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Lyn Paul 28 July 2015

Wonderful words, a delight to read. Thank You

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Akhtar Jawad 25 July 2015

A beautiful poem on rain drops....................10

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Mj Lemon 23 July 2015

This is a wonderful reflection...A reminder of just how one humble drop of rain can be and is the source of life for all. Great poem...a 10.

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 July 2015

Rain drops with the muse of nature. Nice work.

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Savita Tyagi 22 July 2015

Lovely poem. Rain never fails to disappoint us. No mater where we are it brings calm as well as evoke pleasure and loving thoughts.

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Roop Rekha Bhaskar 21 July 2015

no matter how many different ways we see the rain, describing it is never enough. Little Drops Of Water... indeed it brings so much happiness! some peoples' lives depend on it. Some people enjoy the rain in itself. Poems such as this one, usually brings me a little closer to my home. First i read your poem Residence and then the Rain. I connected the two. It just made me happy.. Thank you

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Anil Kumar Panda 17 July 2015

There is nothing much soothing than a cool monsoon rain.Very nice.

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Kelly Kurt 15 July 2015

As if it is the smearing of devotee and devotion. A wonderful poem, Kumarmani!

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Truly, the raindrops shower pleasure .Loved reading the poem.

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Rajnish Manga 15 July 2015

The poem brings about the pleasure from rain drops live. Thanks for sharing this lovely tribute to a timely monsoon. Let me quote a couple of beautiful lines: Distraught human, animals, birds and reptiles... / All enjoy the pleasure from rain drops.

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