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Poemhunter.Com Or Long Live Poetry Comments

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Long Live Poetry


Hebert Logerie
Indira Renganathan 17 September 2009
Very true and cheering....specially for oldies like me ph is a good enlivening literary feast...thanks for sharing this lovely work
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John Knight 15 September 2009
Hi Hebert - Poemhunters does two things: 1. It allows people of all ages and at all stages to share their poetry with us. Not only to enjoy but also to comment and score. 2. It also provides a show case for the greatest poetry of the past and present to be available for the erudition of would be poets. I have posted a poem by John Betjeman one of our Poet Laureates. You point this out in stanza three. In stanza five you commend PH for being INSTRUCTIVE and also remark that it is ADDICTIVE - that is certainly true! Because I am retired I have infinite time (168 hours per week!) and some days I spend up to four hours communiacting with the PH Family. This is both CATHARTIC and CREATIVE. Some new poems have arisen from my dialogues! Long live POEM HUNTER. Lovely poem I have scored it a MAX. Yous in poetry - JOHN.
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Seema Chowdhury 09 September 2009
very nice way of presenting your thoughts.
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Justin Greene 08 September 2009
great poem keep up the good work
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true Little angel ...! ! ! 07 September 2009
it is really great.... you are right.... frankly it's my second site on which i share my poems but the first one the comments are exclusive for some pens as if they were the kings of poetry but they never try to take one's hand to reach their kingdom i mean they never leave comment to encourage a fresh poet..... here everyone is a king and as you said they (are rebuilding the kingdom of worlds's literature) after it has fallen down by the fake names that write poems for their selfishness.... what i like here is that we can share the holy poetc souls without arrogance and vainty..... here i found something i had been looking for for years..... i have to thank you for such true thankful words that reflect your soul and thank great job.....
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Josephine Dunn 05 September 2009
A very elegant 'thank you' :)
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Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 05 September 2009
Dear Herbert, Readers, Poets and Writers Your eagerness to be read is admirable to say the least. Wherever our work is printed is of less importance than content and purpose. There's not much of anything that's new or old in the universe. Especially all that has been expressed with Poetry or of other human endeavors.PoemHunter is well rewarded by all of its advertisers that are permitted to plague and distract our spontaneous writing. Nothing is ever free relating to this sort of publishing media. Had it not been for our mass participation here, why then would any company or individual services advertise here? What with all the world chaos that continues to worsen, we must set aside common phrases, innuendos and shallow inspired metaphor. What say we get busy and voice with solutions for peace, the needy above all, rescue Earth, our home and refuge. Please see how I practice what I speech. Google; Poet for peace louie levy
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Ro'ya Abdulaal 04 September 2009
What a masterpiece, well chosen words are well expressed and well linked. Well done
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Almedia Knight-Oliver 03 September 2009
Well said, it's said that poetry is archaic. But I agree with you that it's not. I love classis, Spoken words, and morden poetry-just difference kinds in indifferent times. I go to many open mics and I'm blown away at their work. Thanks for the thoughtful and deserving comments to for their help in keeping poetry alive... we must help suuport their efforts.
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Jester's P 02 September 2009
poetry is dead... poetry is agony... yes they are right and at the same time they are wrong. please read my 'On Poetry' as my commentary on theses.
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Kristi Weatherman 01 September 2009
this was very inspiring. keep writing.. :)
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Nikunj Sharma 31 August 2009
so nicely you have put the feelings of so many poets...........please count me in the army of poets who are determined to keep the poetic flag flying, till the end of time.... Thanks for writing this
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Patrick A. Martin 31 August 2009
I agree with all you've said here and I might add that for those that crave popularity as a poet go try and sell books of your poetry. I note the most read poet on this site is read by only 7% of the people who visit the site. I'm just grateful if one or two people read and acknowledge my existance.
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Amelie peace 31 August 2009
hey! i was valedictorian for my graduating class! ....but yeah long live poetry! ......and well all the generations who don't like poetry....well they don't like it because they've never had a chance to read well written works....or they don't understand.....poemhunter makes poetry fun :) great write!
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Jessie Bernabe Cadsawan 31 August 2009
Ha ha ha ha.. nice words.. good defender of our world! It is really nice that you lke me can share our poetry, our selves, or souls! .. Very good!
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Luwi Habte 31 August 2009
well, since i face this poetry i do know you are good and cool poet nice poem, as usual Love Luwi
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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 31 August 2009
I agree with you Herbert, Poemhunter has help many newly emergence and inspiring poets to leave their mark on here.Me too would like to thanks them for this.Excellent job Herbert.
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Louis Rams 27 August 2009
AMEN to that! this is the first site that i joined, and i copy my poems from here and put them on the other two sites. i have gotten so many friends on this site, and people who comment on your poems will criticise or give you constructive criticism to help you and expect you to do the same. i thank all poets for sharing and understanding.
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