Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Poetry Is A Kind Of Lying Comments

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Poetry is a kind of lying,
necessarily. To profit the poet
or beauty. But also in


Jack Gilbert
Chinedu Dike 07 October 2019

A poignant rendition set aside for sober reflection. Really an insightful piece of poetry written with conviction.

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Susan Williams 28 January 2018

But if I don't lie than the wind becomes just an item on the weather station that states it is coming out of the southwest at 15 mph. My goodness, facts like that just reaches out and grabs us by the heartstrings and twirls us around the room in an ecstasy of excitement. Scientific treatises make me feel so... so... so lying in the street run-over dead. I think I am posting this comment as a poem... ;) But then again I might be lying.

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Susan Williams 28 January 2018

Hmmm....Jack Gilbert says Poetry is a kind of lying. Well, tis true that a lot of exaggeration goes into some poetry- we don't really die of a broken heart [it just feels that way]. And if I say the wind is a large and growly bear than I am most certainly lying my head off [an absurd phrase if there ever was].

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