Saturday, August 8, 2015

Poetry Versus Prose Comments

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Prose informs, entertains,
Explains and sustains,
But Poetry, Ah, Poetry,
Direct and swift as an arrow,


Sandra Feldman
Daniel Brick 08 September 2015

You generously give prose credit for its many accomplishments - the list includes things as diverse as information and entertainment. But those of us touched by the Muse, the praise goes so much higher, even the language changes - passionately, emotionally - and your image of the arrow of poetry hitting its target is paralleled by the few words which decisively express the truth. We may be prone to hyperbole, but that itself is one of poetry's blessings - EVERYTHING IS HEIGHTENED AND ENERGIZED.

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Bill Cantrell 17 August 2015

Well said my friend. The last 4 lines tells it all.

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Kelly Kurt 08 August 2015

~~I don't really know the difference. Some tell me that without rhyme, my writings are stupid. Some tell me that when I rhyme, I sound too sing-songy. I don't know what to do.

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