Angel Rein

Puddle Of Red - Poem by Angel Rein

She always seemed so happy,
so sweet and quiet at first.
Although she looked kinda scary all dressed in black,
she always seemed to have everybody's back.
She stood by your side through thick and thin,
until oneday the sun didn't rise,
the clouds rolled over and the world began to cry.
she wasn't there for us that day,
we all hated her for it.
The next few days we ignored her,
she wanted to talk but she wouldn't
she knew we were upset.
Then when we did start to talk to her again, it was diffrent,
she was diffrent.
That once happy girl we knew
she had gone all sad and blue.
She didnt smile, she didnt laugh,
we wewr lucky if she talked at all.
Noone seemed to notice and noone seemed to care,
that when she stared off into space it was like she wasnt there.
In a whole new world, thoughts runn'n through her head.
I went to her house one day to check on her,
but instead i found her in the bathroom floor lying in a puddle of red.
beside her i found a letter that said its just to much between reality and the dreams,
The pain she couldnt feel,
the tears she couldnt shed,
the trhings she couldnt stop.
I look at her and it's real, she's dead.
Lying with the blade beside her,
her once blonde hair died res,
her face so peaceful,
blue eyes shining against the dark puddle of red.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 23, 2010

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