Matt Ancient

Freshman - 681 Points (11 january 1985 / Africa)

Quotations - Poem by Matt Ancient

I am not my skin nor what i wear
what i hear don't put me to fear

11th January 2008

heaven belongs to the righteous in heart
not a religious group one belongs to

23rd September 2005

The truth must bare a proof
Or else we have nothing to prove as the truth

20th march 2011

A powerful man
Is the one who can come out of his worries
Providing solutions to his problems
Thus overcoming evil

11th January 2006

Why I love fighting against
Oppression and affliction
Because it evil and I don't won't to be ruled
by the devil
Let the truth take control

25th august 2007

The law is not just a law to be enforced on people
But it should make since to the ordinary man
And he will be willing to follow

23rd august 2007

Man cannot live without rules and principles
Or else he will go astray

7th may 2007

The way to heaven is righteousness
Not according to ones religious believes

23rd September 2005

I don't believe in religion
Because it does not bring the human race together
It brings conflict and division of mankind

11th January 2008

Man is powerful by nature
But power can be good and evil

7th September 2008

To the wicked man power is authority over others
But to the good man
Power is the ability to perform a reasonable task

8th September 2008

Democracy as defined by Lincoln is right
But democracy as a human behavior
Does not means only governance
But as a moral concept
Thus refraining from all sort of evil
Politically, socially, economically.

21st November 2008

Man labors for his own consumption
Regardless of the capital invested

11 January 2004

If people of the same race
Can abuse each other
Then what is the sense in being a racist

10th November 2007

Love everyone who loves you
For why should one love his enemies?
And hate his love ones

6th December 2008

Reason before you act
For that is the only way to
Prove yourself wealthy to live

20th February 2009

Who has the heart and courage
Wins at the end

21st October 2007

I depend on what nature offers me
But not on what men will do for me

1st November 2008

Respect for human integrity and dignity
Is very important

12th march 2010

Equal right and justice
Is the way to freedom and peace

8th June 2006

Women give birth
And mothers love and care for them

11th January 2005

Although I cannot change my skin
But I can change my world

15 February 2007

Success achieved with violence
Is a failure

29th may 2009

Love is powerful than charm
For charm is deceitful

30th may 2009

Descending between good and evil
Is choosing between life and death

12th July 2010

Heaven is neither for black nor white
But for righteous people

18th April 2009

We gain respect in laboring a good life
But not by commands

28th June 2009

When fools are in power
The city suffers in pain and agony
But when the wise get power
The city rejoices

20th December 2010

The blessing of God is divine wisdom
This is the way to eternity

15th December 2010

There is no God who will change situations
But our attitude towards each other

14th may 2011

Without me the world will surly go on
But with me comes a different world

23rd November 2010

When the righteous is found in the net
Of the wicked and foolish one
They become his reproach.

12th august 2008

The God I know is the manifestation
Of good principles around us
Thus descending between good and evil

11th October 200l

Freedom and happiness is not achieved
Through strength and riches
But equality and justice is key to peace

6th march 2008

Sorry for yesterday
I can be a better man tomorrow

16th April 2011

I can't force you to like me
Taste the truth yourself
And know it yourself

5th august 2004

Although I find it difficult to achieve my dreams
And my way seems slippery
But I am hopeful for the future
For the future belongs to who has hope to see it

14th September 2006

It is neither about my looks nor what I have
But by the spirit which moves me

19th June 2009

If a man has no glory because of materialism
Then how can a man prove
Himself wealthy to live

10th February 2011

If music is a world
Then a am a musicians
For music is my life
And my life is music

20th July 2008

We learn, we understand
And it becomes our believe
Why then should we believe in
What we don't understand?
13th October 2009

Who named the sun, the moon and the stars?
Who called the sea, sea and the trees, trees?
Who made the bible, Qur'an, the church and the mosque?
God lives in men not in the skies

7th June 2007

I don't want to be confused with
Bravely and disrespect
For bravely is intelligence
And disrespect means foolishness

17th august 2005

Being independent means freedom
Financially, spiritually, mentally and psychologically

10th may 2010

There is no limitation in perfection
All sort of intelligence is important

11th January 2008

Every man must have a good faith
For we walk with faith

4th January 2011

Children are gift from God
You can choose to accept them
Or refuse them
But don't accept them
Whiles you don't cherish them

8th September 2011

Freedom is a state of mind
once skin or country cannot
determine his freedom

17 July 2014

i know, you know what is going
through my mind
but that do not stop me from
doing what is right

17 July 2014

nature creates the circumstances
and we decide as men

18 July 2014

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