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Rainbow Tale (A Novel) Chapter Five - Poem by Z.I. Mahmud

Chapter Five A Secret
The mysterious letter was stuck in my mind. The reason behind that letter could be a secret. I checked back that letter once again. As soon as I put my hand into the pin I could find torn envelope but no letter. I remembered and recalled my memory soon. For the first time I learnt an envelope without a letter. I began to worry and took deep breath for time again and again. Then I began to investigate the issue and wondered who could have done this or played this prank with me. Or else someone might wanted to threat or black mail me to take revenge. Or someone wanted to share a secret with me but who could it be and and what could be that secret. My mind became thoughtful and I became restless to find out the secret.
However, I tried to calm down and pacify myself. Then I was suspected by Aunt Molly who always tries to be my friend and reliefs my pains in my troubles and during hard times. As I went to the kitchen to fetch a cup of coffee, Aunt Molly asked me, 'What happened Bill? What made you so worried? And what is the thing you're worrying about? ' 'I'm fine.' 'Yet it seems that something is there which is bothering you.' 'You can share it with me and perhaps I can help you. Think me as your friend' 'I know aunt that you are my friend! ' Then I went into my room while aunt Molly went to her room to listen to songs.

After thinking and drinking coffee for a long time, I searched and looked if there was any clue or hint which could lead me to the secret. Suddenly I thought it to be Edward's and Jack's mischievousness. But my mind said that my suspicion grew wrong. For I doubted the wrong persons. For a time, I decided to leave that thought out of my mind. I went to the study room to study that envelope. Edward was there too reading his comics. I started to magnify that envelope with my eyes and my mind for the last time. After that I went out of the house. It was a very very cold and windy frozen day. Snow was falling. Though I wore a havey jacket but I was shivering. The clouds were brighter blue. I went back to my house after spending some time with the nature. As I sat in the garden's desks, I admired the long and tall trees and their singing leaves. There were birds to and fro all around. The snow covered bushes and some flowers. After I had gone back to my room, I searched my previous letters and at last I had found that secret letter inside of my book, 'The Recipe Club'.
I took a breath and asked myself, 'How could I be so forgetful! ' 'Oh! I've got such a forgetful memory! ' Actually I've got that letter from Paul, my good neighbour and friend. He stays few miles away from my home. That's why Paul didn't write his address. And maybe Paul himself kept that letter in the mail slot last Sunday.
My letter reading started
Dear Bill,
Hello! Hope you're fine. 'The Recipe Club' was a very nice idea indeed! I thought a lot about it. It'll be fine if we arrange our own Recipe Club. In this way we can earn some earnings. And you know that I'm jobless now. So it is a nice occupation. I'm expert in cooking but at first I need someone who would help me in this regard. He maybe a cook or a guide.
I'll soon meet with you after I talk to that person. Mail me soon.
BEST Regards!
Sincerely Yours,
As soon as I finished reading the letter, I thought about Uncle Robin Chang. Probably he could help us out. And he can help us by giving suggestions and advice because he is experienced in the matter of 'Recipe Club'. I've had my breakfast with all my family members- Elizabeth, Edward and Aunt Molly. Then I went to The Chinese Restaurant to meet Uncle Robin Chang. I could see that the restaurant was crowded with people who had come to have their meal. One man came infront of me and said, 'What do you want boy? ' 'I'm looking for Sir Robin Chang.' 'Oh! Mr. Robin Chang is busy in the cash counter. You can tell me the message and I'll convey it to him.' 'No, thank you, Sir.' 'Then please sit in his office until he comes.' 'Thank You, Sir.' 'You're welcome.' He took me to Uncle Robin Chang's office. It was looking like a cabin. There were two wooden chairs, a table and a flower vase on it. There were a table and a wall calendar and recipe menus hanging on the door. It was a well planned menu scheduled according to the time. By looking at everything, the office was nice. There were curtains that rose from the window side. I was sitting in his office and reading his recipes. Uncle Robin Chang's had a collection of books on his shelves. 'The adventures of Tom Sawyer', 'The Recipe Club Cook Book', 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and the Novel 'Pride & Prejudice'. An hour passed and I was going to take a book from his library to read. When suddenly he appeared before me. 'Hello! Uncle.' 'Hello! Bill. What's up and what's bring you here to me? ''I was reading your books. 'You have indeed a collection of books.' 'Oh! Many thanks.'
Then he ringed his bell on the table and called the clerk for coffee. 'Bill, what would you like to have? Chinese cuisine or tea? ' 'I prefer tea.' 'Okay'. After that he ordered his clerk to bring a cup of tea and a cup of coffee with some chocolate cookies. 'Thanks for your kindness Uncle! ' 'That's alright! You're always welcome'. For the first time I realized that he was so dear to me like my relative. Then I started to talk for my reason of meeting him. He heard my story and came to know about Paul. 'Well, Bill. You wanted to open a Recipe Club. But I suggest you that you need some cashes in order to start a Recipe Club or some kind of cafe or restaurant.''If your friend is quite well at cooking. Then do bring him with you very soon.' 'Okay! Thanks! Uncle' I had my tea and said good bye.
After coming out of the restaurant, I went to Paul's house. But I couldn't meet him since he went back to his granny's house. Then I met Pink, Paul's younger sister. Pink always looked like a fairy. I had talked to Pink regarding that matter in the courtyard. Then I told all the things about the recipe club and left her a letter for Paul.
My house was few miles away from Paul's house. And I was feeling very tired now. I was drenched by the rain drops. It was raining very violently. I had no umbrella nor my car was with me. My shoes and socks got stained with grime and water inside. I got my whole dress and myself muddy after a car was travelling by splashing the muddy soil. I was catching cold at last after drenching a lot. I was lucky to escape everyone's eyes rather than aunt Molly who was watching TV in the hall. 'O My God! ' 'You have drenched in the rain, Bill! are you okay! It's no problem to me and I'll convince Elizabeth. Kids should get drenched in the rain to experience the pleasure and the joy of the raindrops.' 'Thanks for your kindness aunt Molly.' 'Come on! I'm your aunt after all.' I was relieved at this saying and went to have a hot shower. I returned soon and wore light clothes and went into the kitchen. At the kitchen, I found Aunt Molly. She was preparing a cup of coffee. 'It's for you Bill. Drink it. It will ease you.' I could see that aunt Molly had offered me a green flavoured tea. 'Thank You, Auntie.' 'You're welcome, my darling.'
It was quite evening. It was a raining evening. I felt very happy to enjoy the sight of the rain. Raindrops glittered into my eyes and touched my soul with a refreshing touch. After some time, Elizabeth came to my room and told me to pack my luggage for visit to a place. I was very excited but I was worried about the place. I was relaxed when Aunt Molly appeared and spoke with me. After twenty minutes of conversation, I could understand that we were visiting a place for the Monsoon season started. 'Bill, Monsoon has started and I think its the best season to make a journey to Florida. Afterall your school has been closed for holidays and we have not gone anywhere since my visit. Moreover it was kind of my office works and friends gathering too! ' 'Wow! ' I jumped with joy after listening that. I was really excited this time since we were going with Aunt Molly to some foreign place for the first time.
Last of all, at night, I finished packing my luggage and mailed a letter immediately to Amy making her learn about our visit to Florida.
Dear Amy,
Take my cordial love. You'll be great happy to know that I and my family are going to make a visit to Florida this Monsoon. We're coming to Florida tomorrow. Thanks for your invitation once again.
Yours Friend,
I was surprised to see Amy's reply right at once.
Dear Bill,
I'm so glad to hear that you're finally coming to Florida with your family. I'll be coming at your hotel soon and take you and your family for a tour to witness Florida. See you soon there!
Best Regards!

At last of all, I could materialize the secret! It was the real secret for which Aunt Molly had kept an envelope without a letter inside the mail slot before her arrival. And she kept Paul's letter without an envelope. She began to learn me and my activities soon and she wanted to make me happy.

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