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Rainbow Tale (A Novel) Chapter Seven - Poem by Z.I. Mahmud

Chapter Seven “Next Two Days & The Return From Florida “
Sitting in the garden of the inn and drinking the tea of Florida was revival. It was my second day at Florida. All of us had enjoyed yesterday’s tour. The sun seemed to be light and disappear after few sips of the tea being drunk. It started to rain. The moment I was waiting anonymously for this rain, finally came. Being drenched I began to drench more in the courtyard. It was down pouring very heavily. The inn man came with the employees carrying umbrellas. They found me and took me to my room. That time I had no option or choice rather than going back with them. After coming back, I noticed Edward with his friend. “Hello! Bella! ” “Hi! Bill! ” “When did you come? ” “Well, I came at night to this Hotel. Early in the morning I noticed Edward in the coffee house and there we met.” “Fine! So did you visit or made a tour? ” “No, I’m planning to go with Edward and you people.” “Fine… The weather is very wet and rainy. It’ll be great if we could go and drench in the rain.” “Oh! Dear Bella. How have you been? ” asked Aunt Molly. It’s fine, aunt and I’m visiting with you people today” said Bella. “Fine…dear… lets have some tea.” At the dinning space was our breakfast place today. All of us could see dishes like prawn fry, French fry, potato chips, sauce and gladly finished our breakfast. Although Bella made some ugly faces seeing the foods but she enjoyed even after that. A mail man came in front of us. He was a tall guy with long hair, thin beard and a name plate on his uniform. Mr. Harry came and announced the receiver’s names. There were letters for Aunt Molly, Elizabeth and finally he whispered into my ears and secretly handed over the letter to me. Putting the letter into my coat’s pocket, I went to my room. The letter was from Paul. He had written that everything was going fine now. Moreover he informed me the good news. The good news was that he had finally got a solution to his problem and he was thanking me saying that the whole credit goes to me. While going into the depth of the letter, I realized that Uncle Robin Chang’s hand was behind all these. And maybe he was planning to get Paul employed in his restaurant. However, after some time, I looked at the desk calendar and saw that only one day was left for the school to be opened.
Aunt Molly was calling everyone to her room and told that she was going to attain an important work in her office at Florida. She went to her office and we were alone now. At last Elizabeth agreed to go with us. Amy and Rossy came to see us. We had greeted each other and again made our way to an interesting park. It was different from yesterday’s one. There were a few coconut trees and vegetables and fruits of Florida. We went into a sports club and there we enjoyed horse riding, tennis and polo. Rossy and Amy wished me for the last time. I conveyed my best wishes to Amy for her beautiful talent. Nowadays, she is Florida’s Young Star. She was focused on various newspapers and televisions for her enchanting singing. We went back to our hotel and I saw Edward still busy gossiping with his friend, Bella. “Hey! Bill. How many days are left for school to be opened? ” “Only one day! ” “Oh! Bad luck! ” “Next time we can visit to another place with Aunt Molly” said I. However, Edward didn’t pay heed to me and went on talking with his friend. I went back to my room. In my room, I found a small packet of gift on my bed. For a moment, I sat quietly on the sofa and admiring the rain. There I came to know a different world. At the afternoon we had our lunch. Aunt Molly came back and brought a lot of things with her. “What are these Aunty? ” “Hey! Elizabeth, did you remember the squirrels and rabbits we played with them in our childhood. Both of them were our favourite pets.” “Yes, I do remember.” Now, I got it! Aunty and Elizabeth were planning to buy squirrels and rabbits. The next two days passed very nicely and at the end it became worse listening about school. School is going to start from tomorrow. Unlucky this time! But no matter, there is a long vacation after July. Everyone seems to be busy packing their luggage and Amy arrived at the last moment at the air port. “Bye! Bill” “Bye! Amy. ” Aunty was talking with a man from her office. Elizabeth and Edward were snacking at that time sitting at the café of the air port. Our flight soon came and we all went into the aeroplane making our destination to home.

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