Z.I. Mahmud

Rainbow Tale (A Novel) Chapter Six - Poem by Z.I. Mahmud

Chapter Six “A Visit to Florida”
Florida is a land of enchantment. It is a place full of scenic beauty. The winters are a great attraction and the summers are really pleasant. Indeed Florida is a place for the nature lovers. As Florida furnishes an all-year climate, ideal in winter and pleasant in summer. The balmy breezes and bright sunshine of Florida in the winter months have made this State the Nation's playground. Temperatures are even, the heat is tempered by constant breezes, and the nights invariably comfortable. No part of the state is far from the sea. Every section is swept by mild zephyrs from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Life, love and laughter-that is Florida. Brightness of sunny skies, dazzling blue of sparkling lakes and tropic seas; forests of lofty pine, widespreading sturdy oaks, hung with picturesque grey moss; spicy bamboo trees, eerie cypresses, camphors, magnolias, palm, palmettos; songs of birds and scent of flowers; orange and grapefruit groves, thousands of acres of them, the fruit hanging in golden glory—all of these are Florida.
I glimpsed my eyes on the headlines of the newspapers while travelling in an aeroplane making our destination to Florida. It was 1.00 am and we all were together. I was reading an article about Florida. It was a well written piece of article. At last we had arrived at Maimi International Airport. I saw Amy and her relatives there who were eagerly to meet us. Aunt Molly and Elizabeth hugged Amy and her mom. We seemed really excited to visit each and other. “We are going to have a lot of fun! ” whispered Amy. “Yes! We already having fun and pleased! ” “Okay! Everyone let us go now” said Rossy. Rossy was Amy’s mother. She was a big and fat lady with her long hair and a bag like purse in her hand. Rossy drove us to the inn where we were going to stay. That was a well decorated and fancy inn. It looked like a three star hotel seeing the opportunities provided by the hotel. We had booked three rooms for us and soon got our keys and made our way to our respective rooms. The whole night went on very thoughtful and something to admire about. However, early in the morning we made our mind to see the attractions of Florida. Tea was soon served by the tea boy and we felt relaxed to enjoy to tea of Florida. “How’re you Bill? Is Florida interesting? ” asked Aunt Molly. “It’ll be superb only if we go and see the attractions Aunt.” “Okay! Dear chil and I’ve already informed Amy to come with her mom to make our tourism tour more interesting” “Thank You Auntie! ”. “You’re always welcome, Dear”! It was 8: 30 am in the morning. “Hello Bill” whispered Amy from the back of my chair. “Hi! Amy. I was reading about Florida”. “Oh! I see. Come on! Lets hang out now and after while make our way to explore Florida.” “Ok, Amy”. We and Amy had our breakfast at 9: 00 am. Finally the moment came and we were ready and get set go to see the attractions of Florida. Amy, I, Aunt Molly made our way to a nature park of Florida. There I could witness the land of attractions. The nature park was nearer to the coasts. There were springs inside of the park and the landscape was green and amazing. The nature park was like a mini forests but had almost all the scenic attractions and natural things. There were all kinds of trees, bushes and swamps. Wood, palms, oaks, coconuts etc were all around accompanied by the crystal springs and ponds. We were offered to drink coconut water there. After having that coconut water our mouth started watering like anything. It was so pleasant, fresh, tasty and refreshing that we will never forget. Then we went to Rainbow Spring waterfalls and I and Amy started to dance with the waterfall and touched those splashes of water drops. I was surprised to see the amazing uncommon beauty of the Raibow river. Florida’s nature coasts attracted and enchanted me a lot and my mind did not want to leave that place. We met a tourist guide on our way to the animal park. The park showcases native Florida wildlife, including manatees, black bears, bobcats, white-tailed deer, American alligators, American crocodiles, and river otters, along with a myriad of birds. After that we went back to our hotel. “Hey! Elizabeth. We had just seen the real attractions of Florida” I said. Aunt Molly whispered, “Indeed very amazing! Okay! That’s not over. Now, we’ll go to visit our next place of attractions.” I wondered what could not it be. At last I had the hint from Amy and I said, “We’re going to “Treasure Island Beach”. “Correct! Bill! Get ready kids with your shovel and clay pot. “ Amy, I and Edward packed our shovel and clay pots with us and then we altogether set out for the Treasure Island Beach. A day long programme was held there. We had really enjoyed making sand castles and shaping our palaces. “WOW! ” So Beautiful! ! ” So enchanting” At last the day ended and we witnessed the wonderful sight of sunset from Florida’s beach.

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