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Rating: 3.5

raindrops fall on my window pane,
can't believe i'm like this again.
still thinking about how a love just like ours
could just fade away...

was it me that did something wrong?
or had it been like this all along?
still asking the questions i know
can't be answered so easily...
still struck by the fact that from now on

there'll just be a you...and me
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DaNa XxX 14 July 2009

amazing poem..! ! very well written my friend..! ! ^__^ keep it up ^^.. and hope to see more.! DaNa...

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Broken Heart 14 July 2009

nyc poem! ! keep up the gud work!

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Gabi Ngubeni 14 July 2009

Beautiful metaphor.your words are simple yet capture the emotion. But there is also some cleansing that comes with raindrops falling on the window pane- washing away the current pain... Your work is invoking. Dont stop writing.

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Carl Harris 14 July 2009

For a young poet, you have a fine talent for expression which will only improve as you become older and more experienced, Londiwe. I liked how you equated those raindrops with sadness, even though it is a common idea used in romantic poetry. Your poem was very expressive and overall, quite well written. Carl.

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Lynda Robson 14 July 2009

A well expressed piece, there is something about raindrops that make us reflect upon things, well done 10 Lynda xx

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Ashely Tisdale 27 July 2009

umm are you from south AFRICA? ? OMG OKHAY! ! ! ? so..Ur african? ! ! Nice! ! ? ? xD Ashely...~~~

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Kerry O'Connor 17 July 2009

You have captured the pain of separation most concisely in this poem. Keep on writing, Londiwe.

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Nikunj Sharma 17 July 2009

rain drops or crystal of love sent for you from heavens above each dropp smelling life, joy and enrichment may this one be the rain of fulfilment... nice poem......read my poems called the rain song and an ode for rain

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Broken Heart 15 July 2009

gereat poem! ! 10++

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Zeinab Sherif 14 July 2009

yab ya keep it up little QUEEN.

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