Ramona Thompson

Ramona's Cure For Everything! - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Wrong or right? Do you think people may someday really think like this and try to enforce any of the following?

How do you cure......

1. Massive obesity-


Just lock all the people up in a dark tight little space and fed them nothing but bread and water until they've lost the excess weight.

2. Abortion-


Keep a gun to the head of a woman througout the whole 9 months she is with child until she gives birth.

Afterwards if she still does not want the baby then take it from her and put it up for adoption.

3. Teenage Pregancy-


Tie a girl's tubes or give a boy a vasectomy.

It can always be reversed later.

4. Terrorism-


Just nuke any and everyone who appears to be even the smallest threat the U.S. Attack them before they have a chance to attack us.

5. Alchoholism-


Just get them hooked on another addiction. Sex, drugs, food. Whatever it takes to get them off the bottle!

6. Cheating lovers-


Make the following a law!

A man who cheats even once gets it cut off.

A woman who cheats even once gets just a polite slap on the wrist. Women can't help it after it. They were born to be whores.

7. Rape-


Same as with the cheating lover's rule one offesense and off comes Little Mr. Happy for good.

8. Murder


For every person they are found guilty of killing one member of their own family or circle of friends will die. Right in front of them!

9. World Hunger


Feed the hungry dead corpses.

Solve 2 problems with one easy solution.

Less dead people to bury means less trees being cut down to make ways for all those useless and silly graveyards.

10. The problem of homeless people


Stick them all in the prisons. Trust me if they really want a better life for themselves then they will be damned grateful to be there.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 8, 2007

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