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Reality Stinks - Poem by Yvonne Eve831

In reality a blind person can see true love
They can see true love without the use of their eyes
They see love from the heart from the start from the soul of paradise
So many people know the prices of everything but the value of nothing
In reality I prefer the love and the trusting
Don't judge me especially if you don't know me
Your opinion of me don't mean shit to me in reality
Just because you're fair doesn't mean the world will be fair to you
That's like the big ass bear not eating you because you didn't eat him out of the blue
We're all in the same game but just on different levels
Going through the same damn hell just different ass devils
You can do anything but you definitely
can't do everything
In reality when it comes to life, be careful what you bring
Life is really hard but sometimes we make it more complex
And then we want to cry the blues when something really bad hits us next
In the blink of an eye we can end up with life's wrecks
You cannot photoshop your own personality
You're a pain in the ass, you're selfish, you're thoughtless and you have no clue about reality
Technically reality doesn't care what you believe
But don't be naive, it makes a big difference in life how and what you achieve

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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